Supercharge Your Content Delivery Strategy With These Azion Templates

Reduce load times, latency and ensure an excellent user experience with these easy-to-use templates.

Thiago Silva - Technical Researcher
Supercharge Your Content Delivery Strategy With These Azion Templates

In a previous article, we introduced a new set of templates tailored to assist developers in creating, deploying, and managing a variety of web applications effectively and seamlessly integrating them with Azion’s Edge Computing Platform.

Now, we will talk about another set of templates designed to supercharge your content delivery strategy. They will help you speed up load times, reduce latency and bandwidth usage, and ensure a better end-user experience.

Static Cache

The Static Cache is a highly efficient template designed for accelerating the delivery of static content like JavaScript, CSS, and others. It provides optimal configurations applicable through the Rules Engine for Edge Application and is designed for broad compatibility, with seamless integration with various existing setups.

The most significant benefits of Static Cache include improved performance, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced user experience. Moreover, it enables flexible adjustments and respects the origin’s cache settings, facilitating smoother management of the web applications. Crucially, it aids in significantly reducing latency and optimizing end-user experiences.

As a versatile template, the Static Cache proves invaluable in a broad range of use cases. It is highly beneficial for web developers and DevOps engineers looking to optimize website performance and application loading times.

E-commerce industry professionals will find it extremely functional, given its ability to accelerate page loads and checkout processes. Besides, it also caters to content-oriented websites like blogs, news portals, and portfolios, which require a fast and efficient static content delivery setup.

Image Optimization

The Image Optimization template focuses on enhancing image loading and caching based on the file type, ensuring faster and better-quality image presentation to the end-user. It applies advanced cache key rules via the Rules Engine for Edge Application to optimize the delivery process. This template needs to be linked with your origin and activated with Edge Functions and Application Acceleration for optimal performance.

Significant benefits associated with this template include faster image loading, reduced bandwidth usage, an improved user experience, enhanced image quality, and flexible adjustments for different needs. 

The Image Optimization template exhibits broad utility across various applications. It is particularly beneficial for website owners and developers, e-commerce businesses, content-heavy websites, and mobile app developers focused on enhancing their image loading times, reducing bandwidth consumption, and considerably improving the performance of their platforms via image optimization. This template is also advantageous in reducing latency, optimizing websites, and serving cached images from the edge, leading to smooth and rapid delivery to global audiences.

Edge Application Proxy

The Edge Application Proxy template adds a rule layer to ignore all cache settings for a defined URL route. This feature ensures up-to-date delivery of fresh content from the origin. The configurations included in the template apply a standard rule to bypass cache settings, which can be implemented with ease through the Edge Application Rules Engine.

There are numerous benefits to this template, including ensuring data freshness, improving flexibility and user experience, easy integration, and providing a scalable solution. Activation of Edge Functions and Application Acceleration alongside this template will result in enhanced performance.

The Edge Application Proxy is designed to cater to a wide range of uses. Developers, DevOps professionals, content creators, publishers, and e-commerce businesses can particularly leverage this template when working with dynamic content or applications that require bypassing cache for specific URLs.

It also aids in efficiently updating sensitive information, testing new features, and managing user-specific interactions without caching interference. The template’s abilities enhance the website or application’s ability to deliver personalized content based on real-time data.


These easy-to-use templates, combined with Azion’s edge-based Content Delivery Network, which allows data to be delivered anywhere in the Americas and Europe in up to 30 ms, will greatly improve the responsiveness of e-commerce businesses, content-heavy websites, and mobile apps. They may help you reduce bandwidth costs and even increase revenue, thanks to a better end-user experience.

If you want to know more about what you can do with edge computing and discover other templates and game-changing edge solutions, talk to our experts today or sign up for a free account.

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