Using the Autocomplete feature

Azion CLI Autocomplete functionality increases productivity when typing commands, especially those that require longer texts.

Instead of typing the azioncli command you could simply type az, and then press the tab key. The command’s text will be automatically supplemented.

To install the CLI Autocomplete functionality, visit the Setup Autocomplete topic.

Tip: after installing the Autocomplete feature, remember to restart the terminal to activate the functionality.

Run some tests to familiarize yourself with Autocomplete. Here’s how to quickly type the azioncli edge_applications init command with little effort:

Note: the → symbol equals to the tab key on the keyboard.


The result will be the text azioncli edge_applications init with the keystroke of only 7 keys instead of 20, considering that the functionality automatically includes a blank space after each command.

If the text complement has more than one command or subcommand option, Autocomplete automatically shows a list of options when pressing the → key. Try the example below:

      aze → →

Terminal window
user@computer ~ % azioncli edge_
edge_functions -- Manages your Azion account Edge Functions
edge_services -- Manages your Azion account Edge Services

When you type the last →, Autocomplete presents a list with two subcommands and their respective short descriptions. To select one of them, repeatedly press the → until you choose the desired subcommand. Then, press the space key on the keyboard to finish entering the command.

Now all you have to do is enjoy the usefulness and functionality of Autocomplete to speed up the development of your projects with Azion CLI!

You can also follow the specific guides for each command with more detailed explanations on how to explore the full potential of the CLI: