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Azion CLI

The Azion CLI (command-line interface) is an open source tool that enables you to manage any Azion service via command line. Through it, you can manage all Azion products, create automations using CI/CD scripts or pipelines, provision multiple services that make up your application with a few commands, and also manage your Azion configurations as code.

Check the Azion CLI compatible platforms list and download the binaries by selecting the architecture you need as follows:

Operating System Architecture File
macOS x86_64 AzionCLI
FreeBSD x86_64 AzionCLI
FreeBSD ARM64 AzionCLI
Linux x86_32 AzionCLI
Linux x86_64 AzionCLI
Linux ARM32 AzionCLI
Linux ARM64 AzionCLI

Alternatively, you can download it via command line. In the example, the download link refers to the Linux/x86_64 architecture. If you want to download another version, simply change the URL to the operating system or architecture you prefer:

curl -O https://downloads.azion.com/linux/x86_64/azioncli

After downloading, you will need to grant permission to execute the binary as follows:

chmod +x azioncli

There you go! From now on you can run commands using the CLI. Each command has a help section with information to help you use it. You can use the following command:

./azioncli –-help

macOS users will need to enable command execution in the system settings.

To enable command execution in macOS proceed as follows:

  • Go to the Apple menu > System Preferences > Security and Privacy > General tab. You will see a message indicating that the CLI execution has been blocked. Click Open Anyway.


You must generate a token that identifies you on the Azion platform to manage your settings. You can do this either using our API or Personal Tokens.

Once you have a token, you can store it locally using the following command:

./azioncli configure -–token <your token>

All further commands will use that same Token and will consider all permissions granted to the account that Token belongs to.

You can replace your Personal Token at any time by repeating the same command.

You can access Azion CLI commands reference documentation here.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Open a support ticket.