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Welcome to the edge

You’re taking the first steps to become part of a hyper-connected economy through Azion Edge Platform. On your journey with Azion, you’ll find opportunities to explore and improve your projects through new technologies that are constantly being designed to unlock new possibilities.

This documentation page will help you start your Azion’s journey. It includes building your first edge application using a template, further setting up, and connecting your newly created application to domains and traffic, as well as viewing metrics.

Before you begin

If you’re looking for more information on edge computing and Azion’s core concepts, take some time to explore the dedicated documentation:

Go to the core concepts

If you don’t have an Azion account yet, you can go to the sign-up page or find more information in the Creating an account documentation.

Azion’s journey

Azion provides different products and modules based on edge computing technology, grouped into four main categories that reflect each step in the process of building and managing edge applications:

Following the suggested journey presented below, you can experience this whole process first hand:

  1. Start with a template: select one of the templates to build faster your new edge application. Azion’s team has develop a wide range of templates to attend to different scenarios. Read more about Azion Templates and Integrations.
  2. Go live with Azion: after deploying your application to the edge, you must configure a domain for it, enabling the connection your edge application with other Azion products. You’re also able to point your traffic to Azion Edge Network. Read more about domains on Azion.
  3. View metrics: access to real-time data to view your application’s events, using Azion Real-Time Metrics. Charts exhibit data as soon as your applications begin to have incoming accesses and traffic.

Once you’re ready, just click the Next Page button, located at the bottom-right corner of this page, to start building with Azion.