Deploy Overview

Azion Deploy products are designed to enhance the efficiency of managing edge resources in real time.

Azion Edge Orchestrator is a versatile system for edge computing innovation, enabling efficient workload deployment, management, and automation across edge networks, on-premises, remote devices, and multi-cloud platforms. Designed to orchestrate your applications and edge services on edge nodes by integrating with Azion’s built-in products and features, as well as proprietary or third-party applications, services, or resources.

The system provides robust end-to-end encryption and multi-layer security, facilitating secure data flow while freeing valuable IT resources. Flexible and adaptable, it can accommodate complex mission-critical environments and is compatible with multiple hardware and network architectures, capable of running natively on the operating system, within containers, or on top of the Azion Edge Runtime.

An Azion Edge Orchestrator agent is installed on edge nodes and provides end-to-end encrypted remote node management from Azion Console.

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Azion Edge Services facilitates resource registration and configuration through Azion Console, enabling service orchestration on specified edge nodes.

It allows configuration of install, uninstall, and reload triggers, and definition of resource dependencies for edge network service execution.

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An edge node is a device that has Azion Orchestrator Agent installed with the due credentials configured and authorized on the platform.

Edge Orchestrator allows customers to manage their own edge nodes, independent of the Azion distributed network. To start provisioning applications, it’s essential to configure edge nodes.

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Credentials are keys used to authenticate edge nodes.

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