How to use Real⁠-⁠Time Metrics

Real-Time Metrics provides real-time access to metrics through charts. Charts exhibit data as soon as your applications and other products begin to have incoming accesses and traffic.

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Configuring products and a data interval

Section titled Configuring products and a data interval

Access Azion Console and select Products menu > Real-Time Metrics on the OBSERVE section, or access Real-Time Manager and select Products menu > Real-Time Metrics on the Observe section.

To analyze your metrics, you first need to select a product and configure a data interval:

  1. Select one of the three available categories on the dropdown menu:

    Build Secure Observe
  2. Select a tab according to the product you want to view:

  • Build

    Edge Application Tiered Cache Edge Functions Image Processor
  • Secure

    WAF Edge DNS
  • Observe

    Data Stream
  1. On Time range, select a time period from the options to fetch the data that’ll be exhibited on the charts:

    Last Hour Last 24 Hours Last 7 Days Last 30 Days Last 6 Months
  2. If you want to use a different date from the options, click the calendar fields and select a beginning and ending date and time.

  3. If you’ve selected the Edge Applications product tab, select between one of the four subtabs:

    Data Transferred Requests Status Codes Bandwidth Saving

All charts from all tabs are automatically refreshed after applying a time range.

There are a few best practices you can use to improve your metrics analysis.

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If you’re looking to complement your analysis with more extensive and detailed information on the metrics you viewed on the charts, you can explore Real-Time Event’s logs.

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