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How to run serverless functions on the Azion Edge platform

Edge Functions is a service of Azion’s Edge Computing platform that allows you to program and execute serverless functions, without the need to provision or manage servers.

Running the Azion - Hello World function on an edge application

You can create your own functions or use any of those already available on the Azion Marketplace.

To demonstrate how to instantiate and run a function on an edge application, this guide will use:

  • The pre-configured Azion - Hello World function.
  • A previously created edge application.

To run the function, it must:

  • Be instantiated in an edge application.
  • Its activation criteria and behaviors must be defined within the Rules Engine.

Instantiating an edge function

Inside your Edge Application page, on Real-Time Manager (RTM):

  1. Go to the Functions tab.
  2. Click on Add Function.
  3. Name your function instance Hello World function.
  4. Select the Azion - Hello World function and Save it.

Configuring activation criteria and behavior

  1. Browse to the Rules Engine tab.
  2. Click on the New Rule button > select Request Phase.
  3. Add a name to the request phase rule.
  4. Configure the criteria to be:

If: $(uri) is equal /hello-world.

  1. On the Behaviors section, choose Run Function, then select Hello World function and click on Save.

Wait a few minutes for the propagation to be completed.

  1. After a few minutes, try to access the application using its domain. Example:


Now, you’ve successfully configured and instantiated an edge function to work on an edge application.

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