Edge Functions Instances

Edge Functions for Edge Application enables you to instantiate serverless functions within your Azion edge application, while also configuring execution conditions. These functions are processed at the edge, responding to events with remarkable speed, thus ensuring superior scalability and availability.

Edge functions are also available for Edge Firewall.

Edge Application first stepsFirst steps
Instantiating a functionHow to run serverless functions on Azion Console

To instantiate an edge function in your edge application, you must first create one using Edge Functions. Once the function is saved, you can proceed with the instantiation for your applications.

During the instantiation process, the function’s code can’t be modified. Instead, the arguments, or Args, that will be passed to the context of the function’s execution in JSON format must be informed.

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You can create a rule using Rules Engine and, with the Run Function behavior, select the execution phase and the criteria that will trigger the rule. When a request meets the defined criteria in the rule, the edge function will be invoked and executed directly in Azion’s edge nodes.

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For further information on implementing edge functions, explore the guides page.

The Args field supports a maximum of 100KB of arguments.