Edge Functions ChatGPT integration

ChatGPT can be used in almost all tasks that involve understanding or generating natural language or code. In the development environment, it’s a tool used for boosting developers’ productivity, helping them to:

  • Explain the code being implemented.
  • Generate new code.
  • Refactor preexisting code.

How does the Edge Functions ChatGPT integration work?

Edge Functions Code Editor is integrated into the ChatGPT APIs, so you can use a set of features inside the editor, without opening another tab. The features go from refactoring the code to generating new code based on the prompt input.

First, you need to configure your credentials registered on the OpenAI platform and generate an API key and org:

With your credentials in hand, paste them into your source code as a comment, as exemplified below:

ChatGPTKey=key // Your ChatGPT key
ChatGPTOrg=org // The org

Now, with your credentials set, you’re able to use the integration to develop faster and have your code reviewed whenever you like.


Code Explanation

One feature available on this integration is Code Explanation. It comes in handy when you have to debug a function, or simply review it. It’s also useful when you’re working on legacy code.

Code Generation

Code Generation works based on the prompt informed. For example, let’s say you want to return an HTML page, with a table containing the name, phone number, and address.


// generate an html table with name, phone number and address

After writing the prompt inside the code editor, right-click it and select ChatGPT: Generate.


<th>Phone Number</th>
<td>John Smith</td>
<td>(123) 456-7890</td>
<td>123 Main St, Anytown, USA</td>
<td>Jane Doe</td>
<td>(987) 654-3210</td>
<td>456 Oak St, Anytown, USA</td>
<td>Bob Johnson</td>
<td>(555) 555-1212</td>
<td>789 Maple St, Anytown, USA</td>

Code Refactor

Another option is to ask ChatGPT to refactor the code. To do so, select the piece of code you want to refactor, then right-click on it and select ChatGPT: Refactor. After that, your code will be refactored automatically.

Tip: it’s always a good idea to test and ensure the refactored code is working as expected, avoiding unexpected issues in the future.


Here’s a real-life implementation of the Edge Functions ChatGPT integration:

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