Error Responses GraphQL API

The GraphQL API returns standard HTTP status codes to indicate an error. Whenever you receive a status code while trying to run a request, you’ll also receive an error message. These errors relate to authentication, limits, access, or query and GraphQL construction issues.

You can receive the following status codes and error messages in a query format:

Status codeError ResponseMotive
400To execute queries it is mandatory to provide the desired time interval.The tsRange or tsGt + tsLt fields weren’t informed in the query.
400The start and end dates must have the same timezone.The timezone entered in the tsRange or tsGt and tsLt fields are different. Use the timestamp in UTC format. Example: "2023-10-10T10:47:00"
400The value for the query limit is invalid (must be between 0 to 10000 rows).The limit of rows per query has been exceeded.
400You have exceeded the limit amount allowed for selected fields (37 fields).The limit of selected fields per query has been exceeded.
400Argument”[value]” has invalid value [[value], [value]invoceationsss].\nIn element #1: Expected type “[value]”, found [value].An invalid argument value, indicated in the error response, was used in the request.
400Cannot query field”[value]” on type “[value]“.A non-existing field, indicated in the error response, was used in the request.
400Unknown argument “[value]” on field “[value]” of type “Query”. Did you mean “[value]“?An invalid argument, indicated in the error response, was used in the query.
401The authentication could not be performed. Reason : Invalid TokenAn invalid token was informed.
401The request does not contain the required authentication headers.A token wasn’t informed in the request’s header.
401The authorization token has expired.The informed token has expired.
404The following resource could not be found.The client_id isn’t allowed to access the specific API resource.
429You have reached the request rate limit!The request rate limit for the IP address has been exceeded.

If you receive any of the described error responses, see the rest of the GraphQL API documentation to find specifications and correct your request.