Provision and Orchestrate Applications on Edge

Discover our programmable and extensible provisioning service, zero-touch and managed in the cloud, created for Edge infrastructures and applications.

Henrique Santos - Product Manager
Provision and Orchestrate Applications on Edge

At Azion, we take pride in our ability to offer high-performing, low latency serverless capabilities to businesses of all sizes. We couldn’t have done any of this without our sophisticated orchestration technology, which manages our complex infrastructure and has enabled us to automate the daily maintenance of our ICT. It’s been the backbone of our company for years, but we only recently realized that a tool this powerful should be put directly into the hands of our customers.

With that, Azion Edge Orchestrator was born. A user-friendly adaptation of our own in-house tool, the Edge Orchestrator is designed with a laser focus on building a distributed edge network. With it, you can orchestrate your own and third-party services to run in tandem with existing Azion applications on your private edge infrastructure.

The unique needs of the serverless edge requires a unique approach to orchestration. Our Edge Orchestrator is a programmable and extensible provisioning and orchestration service with cloud and zero-touch management, created specifically for edge infrastructures and applications. It allows Azion or customers to manage and control edge resources in real time, including deploying, updating, and managing Edge Nodes, Edge Services, Edge Maps, Edge Firewalls, Edge Applications, Edge Functions, Digital Certificates and more. Edge Orchestrator is adaptable, with both private and hybrid capabilities, and can run natively on the operating system, in containers, VMs or Azion Cells.

This orchestration tool can be used in most network architectures, including local and public networks, and also behind NATs. It is compiled with all core and library dependencies, simplifying software installation and updates.

Azion Edge Orchestrator is end-to-end encrypted and is flexible with respect to application packaging and distribution formats for Edge Nodes. With it, it is possible to orchestrate: (a) an application written using our development framework, Azion Cells; (b) a container, containing the application, the execution environment and all the libraries necessary for its execution; (c) a package in the native format of the S.O’s package management system; or (d) a standalone application, such as a binary compiled to run directly on the operating system.

Edge Orchestrator Early Access

Sign up for the Edge Orchestrator early access program and start provisioning and orchestrating applications on your edge infrastructure using Azion.

As part of our early access program, you will help us make decisions regarding the new features and integrations needed for Azion to simplify the life cycle of your applications and rapidly provision your infrastructure on a global scale.

In our early access program, you can use Edge Orchestrator free of charge. At this stage, we recommend its use in non-critical workloads, experiments, proofs of concept and mainly to accelerate the development of new features and use cases, and avoid using the service in mission-critical and large-scale workloads. In a short time, this new feature will be available for use in production, and you will be the first to enjoy its many benefits.

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