How to delete an edge application

After you build an edge application on Azion, it’s possible to edit and manage its settings anytime you want, including deleting the edge application.

To delete an existing edge application, follow these steps:

  1. Access Azion Console.
  2. On the upper-left corner, select the three horizontal lines to open the Products menu.
  3. In the BUILD section, select Edge Application. You’ll be redirected to the Edge Application page, which lists all the edge applications you’ve created.
  • The list is organized alphabetically. You can also use the search bar located on the upper-left corner of the list; currently, it filters only by Application Name.
  1. Find the edge application you want to delete.
  • Hovering over it, a trash can and a clone icons will appear on the right end of the row.
  1. Select the trash can icon. A popover will appear confirming you want to delete that specific edge application.
  2. Type “delete” on the presented field.
  3. Click the Delete button.

Done. A success message will appear on the top of the page confirming that your edge application has been deleted. The application will no longer be available on your list.