Go live with Azion

Once you’ve built an edge application, you can ensure that it’s accessible to your users while taking advantage of Azion highly distribuited network to attends to your traffic and deliver your content.

Going live with Azion involves a few configurations to add a custom domain, migrate your ns, and point your traffic to Azion to the edge network.

If you build a new edge application following the Get Started process, Azion automatically generates a subdomain to make it accessible, with this format: xxxxxxxxxx.map.azionedge.net/.

This domain identifies your edge application on Azion and can’t be modified. However, you can associate your own custom domain and subdomains to your Azion domain to handle user access to your edge application.

Accessing the Domains’ configuration page

Section titled Accessing the Domains’ configuration page

Access Azion Console and click on Manage your Domains card on the homepage.

  • As an alternate path, select Products menu, represented by three horizontal lines on the upper-left corner, and then Domains.

This will open the Domains page to perform your changes.

Setting up a new custom domain

Section titled Setting up a new custom domain

To do so, click the Add Domain button and fill in the presented fields to set up your custom domain:

  • Add Configuration Name: type a name for your domain. You can use the same name as your domain name.
  • Digital Certificate: you can select the standard Azion Certificate (SAN), a Let’s Encrypt Certificate, or any third-party Digital Certificate.
  • Canonical Names (CNAMES): write all the CNAMES your domain has. CNAMES must be added one per line, no punctuation.
  • CNAME Access Only switch: it should be activated if you want your users to access your edge application only by CNAME.
  • Edge Application: select the one your Domain will be connected to from the dropdown list.
  • The Active switch: it must be on.

Finally, click the Save button. Now, your custom domain is now connected to the edge application.

If you selected a Let’s Encrypt Certificate as the Digital Certificate associated with your custom domain, you need to complete a specific process to properly configure the DNS settings. Check this guide on How to generate a Let’s Encrypt Certificate for more details.

After customizing domain, it’s time to migrate your ns or point your traffic to Azion to use the global distributed network and other products.

With this option, you rely on Azion’s platform to host and manage DNS zones and records by redirecting the DNS resolution of your domain provider to Azion’s authoritative nameservers (NS) through Azion Edge DNS.

To complete this task, you must have:

Then, you must create a DNS zone and migrate your name resolution to Azion.

Go to Migrate your NS to Azion guide

To complete this task, you must have:

Then, you must configure your DNS third-party provider and associate the address of your custom domain to the xxxxxxxxxx.map.azionedge.net address, as explained before.

Go to Point your domain to Azion guide

After finishing these configurations, you can confirm the incoming traffic through Real-Time Metrics.

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