Azion CLI: Quickly Deploy Jamstack Applications at the Edge

Discover the tool that will enhance your operation at the edge, allowing you to build applications, test them in a local environment, and quickly deploy them on our platform.

Rafael Rigues - Technical Researcher
Azion CLI: Quickly Deploy Jamstack Applications at the Edge

Experienced developers know that a graphical user interface (GUI) is a convenient way to interact with a system at a basic level, but “when the rubber meets the road” nothing surpasses the flexibility and speed of a command line. For this reason, they now have another way to interact with Azion’s Edge Computing Platform features: the Azion CLI1.

It is a command line interface that enhances operations at the edge, allowing for the development of new applications, their testing in a local environment, and their
deployment on our platform, with full integration with your current CI/CD pipelines.

Easy Jamstack with the Azion CLI

The Azion CLI makes it easier to create secure, high-performance web applications using Javascript frameworks and a Jamstack architecture, which allows you to take full advantage of the benefits of serverless computing and modern development tools.

It automates tedious tasks and assists in the three main stages of an application’s life, maximizing developer’s productivity. It all starts with creation: with the azion init command, you can quickly create a new static application from a template, simply choosing one of the currently supported frameworks2: Angular, Astro, Hexo, Next, React, Vue, or Vite.

Screenshot of a terminal showing the creation of a Next.js application with the Azion CLI
Creating a Next.js application with the Azion CLI. Image: Azion Technologies.

To speed up tests, you can perform them locally. The azion dev command creates a local copy of the runtime environment, allowing Edge Applications and Edge Functions to be tested without needing a new deployment each time a change is made.

Once everything is ready, just use the azion deploy command. This builds your application as an Edge Function, and all the resources it needs to become accessible are automatically created. At the end of the process, it will be available in all Azion Edge Locations.

Open Source

Written in the Go programming language, the source code for the Azion CLI is available in our GitHub3 repository under an Open Source license, allowing developers to modify it to suit their projects’ needs, or even integrate it into their own applications.


Robust, flexible, and open-source, the Azion CLI is a tool that enhances the creation, testing, and deployment of Jamstack applications at the edge, optimizing developer productivity and consolidating Azion as an edge computing platform that values efficiency, modernity, freedom, and flexibility.

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1 Overview of the Azion CLI
2 Overview of the supported frameworks on Azion’s edge computing platform 
3 GitHub repository with the Azion CLI source code

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