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Azion Marketplace Solutions’ permissions

To install any solution from Azion Marketplace, you’ll have to grant privileges for the Marketplace to read and write the configurations of your edge applications. Every solution has its own need for privileges; for example, to read and write the Rules Engine of your edge application in order to create a rule to trigger the execution of the solution.

Common permissions

Main Settings

The Main Settings tab on your edge application includes the main configurations needed to execute your solutions. When a solution asks for privileges to write and read the Main Settings, this means this solution needs to read and/or write one of the following configurations on your edge application:

  • Functions
    • Must be enabled in order to execute any solution from Marketplace. To do so, it’s mandatory to allow access if you want to run any solution installed via Marketplace. It’s used to change the viewer request/response, customize arguments (Args) for your functions, and choose criteria to execute in the Rules Engine.
  • Application Acceleration
    • This option will be mandatory if your solution needs to use advanced rules on Rules Engines, such as Cache Key, Bypass Cache, Forward Cookies, or Proxy methods.
  • Image Processor
    • It helps to optimize the experience with images on your edge application.
  • Load Balancer
    • A traffic balancer to assure you the best-on-class reliability and network congestion control.

Note: some solutions on Azion Marketplace may require the L2 Caching module. Contact the Azion Sales team to activate this module for your account.

Rules Engine

Every edge application relies on the Rules Engine in order to execute the behavior and criteria you need to run the application on the edge. For this, Azion Marketplace needs the privileges to read and write your rules on Rules Engine.

Edge Firewall

Some solutions will run on the Edge Firewall instance. These solutions will need more privileges than granted to an edge application. To know the Edge Firewall access privileges, visit the guide Access Permissions for Edge Firewall.

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