How to test Bot Manager using a template

The Bot Manager Starter Kit template deploys an entirely new edge stack to enable customers to see the Bot Manager in action.

The deployment automatically creates an edge application, an edge function, an edge firewall, and a domain to access and test the features of Bot Manager. This template is ideal to understand how this integration works and how it can help you secure your applications and digital assets.

Before deploying this template, you must:

  • Have the Edge Functions module enabled in your account.
    • To do so, go to the Billing & Subscriptions section and activate the switch for the module.
    • If this module isn’t activated, the execution will fail and a log explaining the reason will be printed.
    • If this module is activated, executing this template could generate usage-related costs. Check the pricing page for more information.
  • Launch the latest version of the Bot Manager integration.
    • Go to Azion Marketplace to install this integration by clicking the Install button. Check the How to install Azion Bot Manager guide for more details.
    • If you didn’t launch the Bot Manager function before trying to use this template, the execution will fail and a log explaining the reason will be printed.

To get this template, access Azion Console and click the + Create button on the homepage.

This will open a modal where you can select Templates > Bot Manager Starter Kit card.

In the configuration form, you must provide the information to configure your application. Fill in the presented fields.

Fields identified with an asterisk are mandatory.

  • Edge Application Name *: the name of your new edge application on Azion. It’ll also be used to name your Edge Firewall instance.
  • Sample Edge Function Name *: the name of the sample edge function that will be created.
    • Use a unique and easy-to-remember name for these fields.

After completing all the information, click the Deploy button, located in the bottom-right corner. This will start the deployment process.

During the deployment, you’ll be able to follow the process through a window showing off the logs. When it’s complete, the page shows information about the application and some options to continue your journey.

This template deploys an entirely new edge configuration including:

  • A new edge application, with the Edge Functions module enabled, to instantiate your newly created function. The application will receive the requests that trigger the function.
  • A new domain, to access your application and test Bot Manager.
  • A new edge firewall, including the instance of the latest version of the Bot Manager integration and a Rules Engine rule to trigger the execution of it.
  • A new edge function, providing a basic UI application that can be used to test Bot Manager.

After running the template, you can access the Azion domain, with the format It’ll show a testing page, where you can send “good” and “bad” requests to the Bot Manager handle.

The testing page will render the response to the request:

  • When a good request is sent, it’ll render a success message.
  • When a bad request is sent, it’ll render the default response HTTP 403 response status code, because the Bot Manager’s action is set to execute the deny action.
    • You can redirect the bad request to a customized domain by modifying the JSON Args for the function.

The Bot Manager function instance is set to always write logs. This way, whenever you hit any of the “Send Request” buttons, it’ll generate logs that can be monitored in Real-Time Events and Data Stream.

go to real-time events reference
go to Data Stream reference

Being a testing template, the initial configuration is mostly demonstrative. However, you can use it as a base for creating an actual functional application. You can configure a new origin for the edge application and use it as Default Origin. You can also modify the JSON Args of your Bot Manager instance for a more customized configuration.

To manage and edit your edge application’s settings, proceed as follows:

  1. Access Azion Console > Edge Application.
  • You’ll be redirected to the Edge Application page. It lists all the edge applications you’ve created.
  1. Select the edge application related to this template.
  • The list is organized alphabetically. You can also use the search bar located in the upper-left corner of the list; currently, it filters only by Application Name.

After selecting the edge application you’ll work on, you’ll be directed to a page containing all the settings you can configure.

The edge application created during the deployment has an assigned Azion domain to make it accessible through the browser. The domain has the following format: However, you can add a custom domain for users to access your edge application through it.

go to configuring a domain guide