Domains is an Azion’s Real-Time Manager (RTM) tool that provides a domain generation and management service.

When you build an edge application, your application is given an automatically generated Azion domain, in the format You can create multiple domains for your edge applications.

If you already own a domain, you can redirect your traffic to Azion by configuring the records in your DNS provider and listing your custom domains.

You may also bind a Digital Certificate to domains that use the HTTPS protocol.

Adding a custom domainGetting started
About Digital CertificatesDigital Certificates
About mTLSmTLS

Before going operational, you can activate a testing configuration to preview setups. When creating a new Domain, you can choose the environment type:

  • Production: production environment of the application. The Azion domain will be in the format
  • Preview: environment for testing the application. This configuration won’t impact the Production environment. The Azion domain will be in the format

To enable environment selection, contact the Sales Team.

CNAME is the standard service responsible for creating CNAME settings, enabling you to customize the edge application’s domain. Each domain can accommodate up to 50 CNAMEs.

You may restrict access to your application from the Azion domain by enabling the CNAME Access Only switch.

To use your domain in HTTPS, you’ll need a TLS certificate (X.509). Without additional costs, you may include your TLS certificates in Real-Time Manager or generate a Let’s Encrypt™ certificate, which will be automatically managed by Azion.

Support for Mutual Transport Layer Security (mTLS)

Section titled Support for Mutual Transport Layer Security (mTLS)

Azion’s Domains also have Support for Mutual Transport Layer Security (mTLS), an authentication method for users and visitors that validates the digital certificate on both sides of a request, client, and edge (server). Adding support for mTLS to your Edge Application ensures a more secure TLS/TLS handshake and is an Open Banking requirement.

To enable this feature, contact our Sales Team.