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Domains is part of Azion’s Real-Time Manager (RTM) platform. This functionality provides you with a domain generation service. With it, you can create a domain with an SSL certificate granted by Azion, free of charge. This is part of the process of creating your Edge Application in the RTM. Domains is also available in a stage environment.

Read more: automate domain creation and the setting up processes using our API - Azion Domains.

  1. How it works
  2. Environment
  3. CNAME
  4. Digital Certificates
  5. Setting up
  6. Deleting

1. How it works

Domains is a standard functionality available for all Edge Applications at Azion. When you create an Edge Application in the Real-Time Manager, you must then access Domains, set it up and link an application to the domain.

If you wish, you may use it to deliver your content over HTTPS, avoiding the costs of issuing SSL certificates, or you can use the domain provided by Azion.

2. Environment

Before pushing traffic live, you can activate a testing configuration to preview setups. When creating a new Domain, select the type of Environment in which you want to create it:

Production: select this environment to push it live, making the domain available in production;

Preview: choose this environment to create the domain for testing. This configuration will not impact the production environment.

When selecting the Production Environment, you will receive a domain name xxxx.map.azionedge.net. When picking out Preview Environment, you will receive a domain name xxxx.preview.azionedge.net.


It is the standard service responsible for creating CNAME settings, making it possible to replace the domains within Azion. This configuration is also located in Domains. Once you add a domain, the switch for CNAME Access only will be enabled automatically. You may disable it, if desired.

4. Digital Certificates

To use your domain in HTTPS, you will need your SSL Certificate (X.509). You may, without additional costs, include your SSL Certificates in the Real-Time Manager.

Read more: Digital Certificates

5. Setting up

To configure Domains, do as follows:

  1. Access Real-Time Manager and select Domains in the Edge Computing menu.
  2. After, click Add Domain.
  3. Fill out the fields according to desired configuration:

Domains Add Configuration Name: choose a name for your domain.


Environment: select either Production or Preview.

Digital Certificate: you can use a domain provided by Azion or upload your custom one.

CNAME: list the domains you want to use as a URL for your files, using new lines to separate the URLs.

CNAME Access Only: the switch will be toggled on as standard configuration. Enabling it makes content only accessible through the domains defined in the CNAME field.

Edge Application: select the edge application which will receive the domain.

​ 4 Click the Save button to finish the process.

6. Deleting

To delete a Domain proceed as follows:

  1. Access Real-Time Manager and select Domains from the Products menu on the upper left corner or from Edge Computing in the Getting Started section;
  2. Place your mouse cursor on the domain you want to delete and click the Trash icon that will be displayed on the right;
  3. Confirm the deletion typing delete. Then, click Delete.

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