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Real-Time Manager allows you to create separate accounts, called Clients, for each of the affiliates in your group of companies.

Thus, you can manage the group’s accounts independently, with different Account owners, to streamline your day-to-day processes even further.

Below, you will find guidelines on how to add Client accounts to your group of companies and how to manage your affiliates’ users individually on the Real-Time Manager.

  1. Creating your Client accounts
  2. Setting up Client accounts
  3. Activating your configurations

The Clients feature is only available for accounts of the Group type.

1. Creating your Client accounts

Log into the Real-Time Manager as the Account owner and follow these steps:

  1. In the Groups tab, select the company for which you want to create a Client type account.
  2. On the Account menu, of the group type account, select the Clients option.
  3. On the Clients screen, click the Add client button. Follow the instructions described in Setting up Client accounts to create and activate independent accounts for your affiliates.

To ensure data security, we recommend keeping login access information confidential.

2. Setting up Client accounts

When you click the Add client button, three sections are displayed: Main settings; Address information; and Account Owner.

Fill in the fields as requested.

Fields marked with an asterisk are required.

Main Settings

Account name: name of the affiliated company; it is the Client type account.

Company name: corporate name.

Unique identifier: unique code that identifies the legal entity of that affiliate.

Billing emails: billing email addresses.

Active Client: this button enables/disables the operation of that client.

Address Information

Country: country where the affiliate is located.

State/Region: state / region where the affiliate is located.

City: city where the affiliate is located.

Address: address where the affiliate is located.

Postal code: postal code of the affiliate.

Account Owner

These fields refer to the Client Owner.

First name: Account owner’s name for the affiliate.

Last name: Account owner’s last name for the affiliate.

E-mail: E-mail address of the user who will be the Account owner of that account. The Account owner will use this email as login information.

After confirming the registration through the Save button, the Account owner will receive an automatic email to activate the account, which will be available for 14 days.

If it’s not activated within that period, the Account owner will be automatically removed from the Real-Time Manager.

3. Activating your Configurations

At the bottom of the screen, you will find the following options:

  • Cancel: with this option, you return to the Clients page, also discard any edits.
  • Save: once you finish your settings, click the Save button.

When you save your configuration, you return to the Clients screen, where you will see your list of Client accounts sorted by Account Name, Company Name, and status – Active or not. By clicking the arrows on these tabs, you can change how your list is displayed: either in alphabetical order or by status.

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