Welcome Upstash, our newest partner 

Partnership brings a set of templates to accelerate the deployment of web applications.

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Welcome Upstash, our newest partner 

We are honored to announce that Azion has partnered with Upstash, a fast-growing startup that offers solutions focused on speed, simplicity, and robustness for developers. With this partnership, a set of templates is available to accelerate the deployment of web applications. 

Templates have become a useful tool to bring high developer speed. This way, the organizations and its dev. teams are able to do more with less, finding fast development time-to-value - creating less stress for engineering resources.

“These templates make it possible for any developer, at any level, to quickly achieve consistently high performance, scalability, security, and automation on our infrastructure,” said Alessandro Cauduro, Chief Developer Experience Officer at Azion. 

This new partnership aims to enrich our ecosystem and offer additional possibilities to Azion’s Edge Computing Platform worldwide. 

“Through this partnership, Azion greatly simplified the process for their users to implement the most commonly used developer use cases that we have seen from the Upstash side. This accelerates development and saves time that would otherwise be spent figuring out the details of these typical use case implementations,” says Melek Pelen Esin, COO at Upstash.

Check below the Upstash templates that are immediately available in our platform:

Upstash Rate Limit: this is a web traffic management solution that can adapt to changes in demand, intelligently adjusting resources to keep your application at the ideal performance level and avoid overloads. It brings more resilience, safety (with built-in DDoS protection) and responsiveness.

Qstash EdgeFunction Scheduler: this template allows for greater efficiency and performance, using the QStash solution for serverless and edge runtimes to schedule and distribute tasks. It can be used to schedule cache updates, automate data collection for later analysis, help with load balancing or to run security compliance checks.

Upstash GeoLocation EdgeDeploy: this allows you to geolocate your users and use this information to adapt the content and experiences offered. Ideal for e-commerce, news, events and marketing campaigns.

Explore these templates right away by creating a free account. If you are already an Azion user, access the Real-Time Manager and click on “Start with a template”. These new templates are just one of several ways Azion empowers developers. Talk to our experts to know more.

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