Azion Introduces a Feature to Optimize Threat Detection and Data Analysis

Azion introduces a new feature that helps organizations to optimize threat detection and data analysis.

Lukas Cardoso - Product Manager
Adriana Cedillo Morales - Technical Researcher
Azion Introduces a Feature to Optimize Threat Detection and Data Analysis

Today, we are announcing a new feature on the Azion Marketplace, which aims to reduce the need for manual labor, personalize interactions with customers, and improve security by automating processes and workflows.

Send Event to Endpoint is a solution that allows Azion customers to transmit events from a request to an HTTP endpoint of their choice, providing better insights and data protection.

Designed for an edge-based, serverless infrastructure, this solution enables easy scalability to accommodate an increased volume of data.

How Does Send Event to Endpoint Work?

This feature captures data from requests (users can define, through JSON arguments, what type of data they want to capture) and sends it to an user-defined endpoint using Javascript’s fetch API. Once the captured data is sent, the feature allows the request to continue executing through Azion’s Rule Engine.

Send Event to Endpoint is easy to implement, as it only requires a JSON Args configuration to define which data to capture and the user-selectec endpoint to send the data to.

Use Cases

This solution allows for various use cases, whether your company is on e-commerce, streaming & media, financial services, or any other segment, Azion Marketplace’s Send Event to Endpoint will help you make better and faster decisions, as it allows for analysis of collected data and identification of patterns and trends. Below are some examples:

  • SIEM Integration: The solution allows clients to send request data to an HTTP endpoint, integrated with SIEM tools. For example, clients in the financial segment use this solution to transmit request body data to their SIEM to monitor and detect potential security threats.
  • Compliance Monitoring: It can monitor compliance with data protection regulations, allowing our clients to transmit request data to a specific compliance monitoring tool.
  • Data Analysis: By transmitting request data to an endpoint, clients can perform data analysis on requests, allowing them to gain insights into customer behavior or trends. Through this solution, it is possible to collect information on the most common types of requests and optimize services accordingly.
  • Log Management: It can manage request logs for troubleshooting and analysis, including request body data. Clients can identify and solve issues with their services and improve overall system performance.
  • Threat Detection: By transmitting request data to an endpoint, clients can use this solution to detect and prevent potential security threats, such as malicious activity. The solution improves overall system security and protect against potential data breaches.

How to Get the Benefits of Send Event to Endpoint

To enjoy the benefits of this solution, just access the Azion Marketplace and follow the steps below:

1. Access Real Time Metrics

2. In the menu, access Marketplace

3. Search for the Send Event to Endpoint solution

4. Subscribe within the solution page (launch)

5. Create an instance and use it in your Edge Solutions.

Explore Azion Marketplace

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