Introducing Azion's Next.js Static Boilerplate for Easy Application Deployment

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our Next.js Static Boilerplate template.

Thiago Silva - Technical Researcher
Introducing Azion's Next.js Static Boilerplate for Easy Application Deployment

It’s now simpler than ever to build and deploy static Next.js applications on Azion’s Edge Computing Platform. We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our Next.js Static Boilerplate template.

What Is the Next.js Static Boilerplate?

Our newly introduced Next.js Static Boilerplate is an automation template designed to provide a smooth, streamlined experience for developers looking to build a static Next.js application on Azion’s platform. By executing the boilerplate, several steps ranging from repository management to edge deployment are automated, offering you a hassle-free process for building, deploying, and managing Next.js applications.

What Does It Bring to the Table?

The Next.js Static Boilerplate brings a host of features designed to accelerate the application development process. It enables the creation of a Next.js Single-Page Application (SPA) directly at the edge in a faster and simpler way, since you can now leverage a graphical, user-friendly interface to build, deploy, and manage your Next.js applications on Azion’s platform.

The boilerplate uses Next.js version 13.5.3 and supports static exports, allowing you to start a project as a static site or SPA and then add features that require a server. Supporting both server and client components, image optimization, route handlers, and browser APIs, it offers you plenty of flexibility.

How to Get Started

To start using our Next.js Static Boilerplate, create an account (or log into your existing one) and access Azion’s Real-Time Manager. You can then select the “Start with a template” option and choose the Next.js Static Boilerplate card. Fill in the configuration form with details such as your application name and your GitHub personal token. Once you’ve completed all the necessary information, click the “Next” button to start the deployment process.

If you want to follow the detailed step-by-step process, in addition to tips and an example of using the boilerplate in practice, you can watch the tutorial video on our YouTube channel.

Continuous Deployment and Custom Domain

Beyond the initial deployment, Azion also enables users to leverage continuous deployment workflows. After declaring secrets on your GitHub repository, you can use the newly created Next.js repository to simplify updates and revisions for your application.

You can enhance the user experience even further by adding a custom domain (which is also demonstrated in the tutorial video) for your edge application, making it more accessible for your users.

Bringing a User-Friendly Interface to the Edge

The launch of our Next.js Static Boilerplate reaffirms Azion’s commitment to simplifying edge computing. We’ve packaged a powerful development workflow into a graphical interface, offering a friendlier alternative to command-line deployments and making it accessible for all.

Join us at Azion and explore the transformative power of edge computing, made easier with our latest Next.js Static Boilerplate. You can learn the details of this important tool by visiting our documentation or talking to one of our experts today.

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