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success stories

Success Cases

  • Panvel accelerated its e-commerce platform performance by 60% and guaranteed 100% of its applications’ availability with Azion Platform

  • Contabilizei Improves the Performance of Its Accounting Platform by 87% and Reduces Back-End Costs by 96% by Creating Advanced Caching Rules with Azion

  • Mobiauto improved content delivery performance by 70% by creating microcaching rules with Azion

  • Quero-Quero strengthens the security of its applications, APIs, and source infrastructure with Azion Edge Firewall

  • Digimais uses Azion’s Edge Firewall to safeguard online access to its digital bank and ensure the highest level of service availability

  • Marisa optimizes the performance of its applications by delivering static and dynamic content with Azion Edge Application

  • FAM uses Azion Web Application Firewall to build a zero-trust security model and protect data and access for thousands of students

  • Crefisa uses Azion's edge-native solutions to accelerate digital transformation and improve its applications’ and APIs' performance and security

  • Pernambucanas built a robust zero-trust security model with Azion’s Platform

  • Pernambucanas relies on Azion to speed up its e-commerce platform and innovate customer experience through edge applications

  • MadeiraMadeira increases its e-commerce platform’s performance with Azion’s Edge Application

  • B2W automates security of its e-commerce applications with Azion's programmable Edge Firewall

  • Dafiti built a solid zero-trust security model by automating its cybersecurity mechanism using Azion Edge Firewall

  • Dafiti accelerates its e-commerce by 86% and saves 45% on data transfer costs using Azion Edge Application

  • Netshoes automatically blocked more than 4 millions threats in six months using Azion WAF

  • Magalu guarantees high availability for hundreds of global-scale applications, evolves its security perimeter and improves its cyber threat intelligence with Azion

  • Azion's Intelligent DNS helps NZN to increase performance, security and reliability of its applications and delight millions of users in Brazil

  • VTEX builds ultra-low latency serverless applications with Azion and allows thousands of customers to accelerate their sales on the web

  • UNINTER use Azion's edge-native solutions to large-scale content delivery to students across Brazil

  • UniCesumar uses Azion to innovate, reduce costs and improve students' experience with the distance learning platform by 70%

  • Lojas Renner handled more e-commerce requests during Black Friday using Azion’s Edge Application

  • NZN creates more than 100 edge applications and reduces their application’ loading time by 50% using the Azion Platform

  • Provu has optimized its application building and management process, generating savings with more than 70 edge applications on Azion's Edge

  • GetNinjas improves data analysis with Azion Data Streaming and obtains incredible performance, security and availability in its applications

  • Agibank blocks large volumes of threats and adds real-time observability with Azion's Edge Firewall

  • Omelete creates dozens of edge applications on the Azion Platform to accelerate content delivery and broadcast mega events to geeks worldwide

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