Todo Cartões protects its applications against attackers and gift card fraud with Azion

See how the Brazilian leader in gift card processing solutions prevents hundreds of thousands of complex threats from affecting its application and user experience


Todo Cartões is a Brazilian payment technology startup that offers closed-loop gift card processor solutions for the largest retailers in the country, such as Arezzo, Havaianas, Centauro, Hering, Riachuelo, and many others.

The company is in expansion mode after being acquired by InComm Payments, a leading global payment technology provider, but has been facing security challenges. Given that the Covid-19 pandemic has driven more customers to shop online, the incidence of gift card fraud has subsequently increased.

Likewise, there are other bad actors and malicious traffic targeting Todo Cartões’s web applications, including its APIs and gateway elements, making robust and real-time defense an essential component for meeting today’s cybersecurity demands.


Today, cybersecurity is an investment in the growth of every company, especially financial services. Azion offers powerful edge-native features and resources that help Todo Cartões to improve its zero-trust security model and make its services more reliable.

Enhancing the security perimeter with Azion Edge Firewall and its Network Layer Protection and Web Application Firewall (WAF) and DDoS Protection modules, Todo Cartões’s team is able to automate blocking and mitigation of:

  • unauthorized and unwanted requests to their applications and workloads;
  • complex network and application-layer threats, including DDoS and zero-day attacks;
  • unwanted traffic according to its network, geolocation, IP address and more; and
  • malicious users previously identified by the Todo team and Azion through Network Lists.

Besides automation, these edge-native protections provide real-time response to incidents that threaten Todo Cartões’s applications, as well as features to secure web gateways, protect user access, and prevent online fraud, just by updating the firewall rules.

In addition, Todo Cartões’s engineers can explore security and application events with Real-Time Events, obtaining rich data records to improve their defenses through threat intelligence.

Results and impacts

Since Todo Cartões started the partnership with Azion in 2019, hundreds of thousands of dangerous threats like SQL injection and cross-site scripting attacks were blocked automatically through a set of WAF rules, protecting the company’s applications in a simple way for security engineers.

Implementing zero-trust security architecture, enhanced with Azion’s products, has helped Todo Cartões to prevent gift and prepaid card fraud, perpetrated via account takeover (ATO) and injection flaws, which have increased due to online shopping growth. The result is that partners and users can enjoy the flexibility of gift cards powered by Todo’s reliable technology.

In addition to everything that Todo Cartões’s team can build with Azion’s Edge, the company counts on Azion’s Enterprise Support. Whether they are using Azion for production or need help expanding their possibilities with the platform, the team can call Azion’s engineers via ticket or phone whenever assistance is needed.

About Todo Cartões

Todo Cartões offers a complete solution for the administration of gift and prepaid cards for retail, distributing the cards in new sales channels, proactively seeking sales in the corporate segment and generating technological innovations so that today’s gift cards can be presented in tomorrow’s formats.

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