Digimais uses Edge Firewall to safeguard online access to its digital bank and ensure the highest level of service availability..

Banco Digimais ensures more access protection for its customers through Azion's edge-native security features





Brazil | Porto Alegre, RS




Edge Firewall


  • provide a secure, reliable user experience to Digimais’s customers;
  • create firewall rules to automate blocking, monitoring, and mitigation of OWASP Top 10 threats;
  • improve access control for its applications and APIs; and
  • prevent the information transmitted between customer’s devices and the bank from being intercepted by malicious actors.


  • monitoring and automatic blocking of cyber threats targeting Digimai’s web applications and APIs with a WAF leveraging scoring-based algorithms and advanced firewall rules; and
  • preventing unwanted access, abusive users, and malicious traffic through Network Lists.


Digimais is a digital bank that offers financial services in Brazil through a 100% online web and mobile platform. In addition to simplifying the customer’s financial life, Digimais must provide them with an incredible experience that is reliable, available, performant, and secure.

Expanding its business in the country, Digimais wanted to meet certain objectives to support its plans, including blocking and mitigating security risks, monitoring and managing traffic growth with real-time protection, and automating cybersecurity defenses.

Moreover, to ensure its service continuity and enforce a contingency and recovery plan in case of disruptive events, following a zero-trust security model for access control is essential, as is having a strong DDoS mitigation solution in place.


Azion’s Edge Platform offers a robust set of cybersecurity solutions and services designed to empower security teams with automation, intelligence, and mitigation of the most complex web application risks, including zero-day attacks.

Seeing how their security team could strengthen their defensive posture, Digimais implemented Azion Edge Firewall, a powerful solution composed of Network Layer Protection, Web Application Firewall (WAF), and DDoS Protection modules, allowing them to:

  • build advanced firewall rules that cover all elements of Digimais’s services, including its web applications and APIs;
  • monitor and block cyber threats automatically with scoring-based algorithms and customized WAF rules;
  • create Network Lists to protect its applications against unwanted access, abusive users, and request originating from certain countries as well as from Tor networks; and
  • mitigate the largest and most complex network layer and DDoS attacks away from its source infrastructure.

Considering the business landscape, protecting Digimais’s source infrastructure against malicious traffic was essential to guarantee availability and a secure environment for financial operations. To enforce its access control, Digimais added Azion Origin Shield, which restricts back-end access to only specific IP addresses in Azion’s network, evading suspicious users.

In addition, Digimais’s team enhanced their rigorous encryption protocols with Azion Digital Certificates, which were added to Digimais’s edge applications and APIs, protecting information in transit between customers’ devices and the bank from being improperly accessed by other people.

Results and impacts

Supported by Azion’s engineers during all stages of the integration process, Digimais added its domains to Azion’s Edge Network and implemented Edge Firewall in just a few days without impacting the performance of its service.

Since then, Digimais has automatically blocked tens of thousands of complex cyber attacks—such as SQL injections, cross-site scripting (XSS), and directory traversal with Azion’s WAF- allowing Digimais’ cybersecurity team to direct effort into other high-value tasks.

With improved security, Digimais’s web and mobile applications and APIs better serve legitimate requests from customers and partners, with bad requests filtered out at the edge. By setting Network Lists—in both Edge Firewall and Origin Shield—Digimais blocks abusive users, brute force attacks, and other threats, ensuring high availability and protecting customers’ privacy.

About Digimais

We were born as a traditional bank and today, more than 35 years later, we have become 100% digital. Time has brought us experience, solidity and credibility, fundamental assets that we have to offer you, together with the security of our financial products and personalized service. Join our time, it’s yours too.

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