Azion's Code Editor Integrates ChatGPT Code Assistant to Speed Up Application Development

Learn how combining Azion Edge Function's new Code Editor with ChatGPT code assistance and a function deployment preview feature can enhance the developer experience on our platform

Thiago Silva - Technical Researcher
Azion's Code Editor Integrates ChatGPT Code Assistant to Speed Up Application Development

In this blog post, we will be discussing how combining Azion Edge Function’s new Code Editor with ChatGPT code assistance and a function deployment preview feature can enhance the developer experience on our platform. This combination aims to significantly reduce the time-to-market of apps and features, mitigate the chance of errors and conflicts when deploying new functions, and offer an interface that is both simple to use and familiar to developers worldwide. Stay tuned to learn about the new paradigm of agile development in the hyperconnected economy.

Edge Functions’ Code Editor

As developers, we may spend months or even years familiarizing ourselves with languages, tools, and development environments. While flexibility is a necessary soft skill in our field, most developers find comfort in their familiar and favorite tools.

However, quite often, platforms come with proprietary software and unique interfaces. These platforms force developers to acquire a brand new set of skills and adapt to specific development environments unfamiliar to them. This transition demands a great deal of time for learning and may often result in a less than satisfactory developer experience.

Keeping this in mind, Azion built a Code Editor based on Monaco, the underpinning software of Visual Studio Code. This technology gives developers an environment they are comfortable with and familiar, as VS Code is one of the most widespread development environments across the world.

The advantages of Azion’s Code Editor are numerous and noteworthy. They include:

  • Syntax Highlighting: This allows developers to visualize their code in an easier and more understandable format, increasing coding speed and accuracy.
  • Code Completion: An intelligent system to autocomplete and suggest code snippets, making the coding process quicker and less error-prone.
  • Integrated Debugging: A feature to help developers find and fix bugs more efficiently.
  • Seamless Integration with Edge Functions: This ensures smooth interaction between the code editor and our edge environment, facilitating agile development.

Furthermore, Azion’s Edge Functions’ Code Editor is easily integrated with ChatGPT for code assistance. This integration drastically improves the developer experience and enables them to build serverless applications with less coding effort. With a low-code building approach, developers can create feature-rich applications efficiently while reducing coding errors and learning time.

ChatGPT Integration

Incorporating the power of AI into the software development lifecycle is an effective way to speed up processes and minimize errors. By creating an API Key and an Organization ID on OpenAI’s ChatGPT, it is easy to integrate this advanced code assistant into Azion’s Code Editor. This simple process brings a cutting-edge, AI-powered assistant to your development toolkit, helping you to code faster and smarter.

One of the most notable features of the ChatGPT Code Assistant is the Code Explanation feature. This component is invaluable when it comes to debugging a function or merely reviewing it. It provides succinct, understandable interpretations of complex code, ultimately aiding in your understanding of how it works. This feature proves particularly handy when dealing with legacy code, where it’s often challenging to understand the logic and context initially employed by the developers.

Another resource that the ChatGPT Code Assistant offers is the Code Generation feature. It operates based on a given prompt, similar to your interactions with the regular ChatGPT interface. Using this feature, you can quickly craft a function or even build an entire application within minutes. This efficient code writing tool not only accelerates the process of development but also reduces the risk of errors, enhancing code quality.

Lastly, the Code Refactor feature also deserves a mention. Just select and click  to rework a whole section of your code. Refactoring code is a vital practice for maintaining efficiency and improving its readability, structure, and design. The ChatGPT Code Assistant makes it easier than ever, allowing developers to focus on what matters most—solving problems and delivering value.

Edge Functions’ Preview Deployment

The deployment phase of a web application project can be time-consuming and fraught with risks. Deploying a new function that has not been meticulously tested can lead to bugs that affect the entire application. In the worst-case scenario, these bugs could tarnish your business’s reputation and adversely affect the customer experience, possibly even jeopardizing sensitive data.

This is precisely why it’s imperative to have a preview environment for your new functions and features. It allows you to ensure that your code will only move to production when it’s thoroughly vetted and won’t cause any unexpected behavior in your application. A robust preview environment acts as a safeguard, helping detect issues early, creating a safer, more manageable process.

Edge Functions’ Preview Deployment does precisely that by allowing developers to preview their changes before deploying them to production. This is achieved by creating a temporary copy of the function and testing it in a separate preview environment. The results of these tests are shown in real-time, in the same screen where you’re crafting your code. This makes it easy to iterate quickly and spot errors early in the process.

Some key advantages of utilizing Azion’s Preview Deployment are:

  • Reduced Risk of Errors: The preview allows you to catch and fix errors before they impact your users.
  • Increased Efficiency: Seeing the results in real-time speeds up the development and troubleshooting processes.
  • Improved Confidence: With deployment preview, developers can make changes and push to production with confidence that their code will work exactly how it’s supposed to.

On top of that, our preview environment mirrors the production environment in terms of configuration, capabilities, and performance. This ensures that developers can see the exact result of the function in the environment in which it will ultimately run. This fidelity is invaluable, reducing the chances of last-minute surprises and facilitating a smoother, safer development workflow.


Providing a world-class developer experience is not just about offering a comfortable coding environment; it’s about allowing developers to create, validate, and deploy applications with speed, confidence, and ease. The enhancements to Azion’s Edge Computing Platform signify a fundamental rethink of how we can best empower developers to efficiently build serverless applications while reducing time-to-market and minimizing errors.

The integration of an intuitive, user-friendly code editor based on Monaco addresses the need for a familiar coding environment. The natively integrated ChatGPT code assistant enhances productivity by providing developers with state-of-the-art AI-powered code completion and guidance.

Meanwhile, the Preview Deployment feature creates an in-depth safety net for your applications. By enabling developers to preview and adapt their functions in real-time before pushing them to production, we mitigate the risks associated with the deployment phase.

Above all, these improvements will drastically enhance the developer experience on Azion’s Edge Computing Platform, marrying powerful programming tools with ease of use while keeping a strong focus on agility, efficiency, and security.

If you want to learn more about how Azion Edge Functions can revolutionize the way you build modern, serverless applications faster, talk to one ouf our experts or sign up for a free account today and start exploring the unlimited power of edge computing.

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