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success stories


Taking Jamstack to the Edge with Azion

Taking Jamstack to the Edge with Azion

March 30, 2022

Jamstack is a modern approach to develop and deploy websites at scale. This approach decouples the frontend from the backend and databases. The frontend is prebuilt into highly optimized static pages and assets using a Markup language such as HTML. Being static, these assets can be deployed on an edge platform for faster delivery. The backend applications that generate dynamic content are usually accessed using APIs, making pages rich and personalized.

Why Azion is Using the Rust Programming Language

Why Azion is Using the Rust Programming Language

February 12, 2021

Previously in this series of posts on microservices, we discussed the features and traits necessary to next-generation applications. As 5G and Edge Computing infrastructure are built out, ultra low-latency and reliable applications and services will become increasingly common, accelerating already high user expectations for performance. In addition, with more people working, shopping, and learning online than ever, strict security measures will be needed to meet compliance requirements and ensure consumer privacy.