How Justa Has Been Evolving Its Technology to Meet Modern Digital Demands

Justa was able to simplify compliance with PCI DSS and Brazil's Central Bank rules and increase the protection of transactions via PIX and QR Code carried out in its points of sales.

Paulo Moura - Technical Researcher
How Justa Has Been Evolving Its Technology to Meet Modern Digital Demands

Developing innovative financial solutions entails many challenges. On the one hand, fighting fraud and compliance risks illustrates security’s complexity. But on the other hand, performance and user experience are increasingly intrinsic to customer satisfaction.

With so many obstacles ahead, Justa, a fintech that makes life easier for retailers and businesses throughout Brazil, has simplified the way to overcome them without giving up agility and focus on innovation.

To make it happen, Justa needed a technology partner that would simplify the modernization of its applications to meet operational and business needs, allowing its technology team to dedicate its talent to the core business.

Migrating Justa to the Edge

Justa found in Azion an opportunity to expand its reach through a globally distributed edge network without expanding its infrastructure. In addition, Azion’s edge-native solutions allow the user to:

  • build web applications to run directly on Azion’s Edge;
  • protect users, applications, and networks with a modern approach;
  • deliver content from a highly distributed architecture;
  • observe applications with real-time data analysis.

According to Felipe Bonezi, Head of Technology and Business at Justa, observability met the team’s need to identify performance and financial bottlenecks.

”In the first few weeks of using Azion, we quickly optimized the communication between Justa’s services and our partners,” reports Bonezi.

​​With the observability features available on the Edge Platform, Justa can analyze events that occur in applications to identify bottlenecks and vulnerabilities and quickly correct them.

Adding Security and Robustness to Justa’s Systems

Justa has its own POS (point of sales) system that allows customers, through the Justa Machine, to receive payments via credit and debit card and PIX (the Brazilian instant payment ecosystem). To reinforce security in transactions and guarantee the confidentiality of information, Justa uses the Azion Edge Firewall to increase the protection of its payment gateway.

Azion’s Edge acts as an additional security layer, complemented by firewall rules that Justa can customize according to its needs so that attacks such as DDoS and SQL injections don’t directly reach its origin infrastructure.

This security robustness allows Justa to simplify compliance with PCI DSS and Brazil’s Central Bank rules, further increasing encryption at transport levels and transactions via PIX and QR Code that are carried out at the POS machine, explains Bonezi.

”The PIX isn’t regulated by credit card flags, but by the Central Bank, which didn’t add an encryption rule between the application layers running at the POS. It placed it only for encryption between the web service and the Central Bank itself, so we encrypted the PIX and QR Code application that we have at the POS.”

Ensuring Fast and Secure Experiences for Payers (and Recipients)

One of the points that most caught Justa’s attention was Azion’s presence around the world, especially in Brazil, where edge locations cover all regions of the country.

”In the first conversation we had with Azion, we already found its scope amazing both in Brazil and the world, and we saw this in practice right from the first implementation,” comments Bonezi.

Building the Future With High Technology and Cultural Values

Together, Expand & Focus, Easy Communication, Trust, and Excellence are the pillars of Justa’s culture. According to Bonezi, the first conversations with Azion were enough for Justa to identify shared values.

“Our conversation with Azion fit our ‘Expand and Focus’ pillars. The company understood our path to growth and ‘Together’, since the beginning, provided the tools we needed before even signing a contract, free of charge, something that not every competitor does. And this is exactly what Justa does. We have Plug Justa, a solution that allows using our APIs before the contract signature. So this identification with Azion gives us the feeling that we are part of ​​the same company.”

In this relationship based on trust and cultural values, Justa counts on Azion to implement several initiatives to constantly reach the next level, taking advantage of all the integration possibilities and improved developer experience Azion’s Edge Platform offers.

To learn more about what your company can build, protect, deliver and observe with Azion’s solutions, check out our customers’ achievements on the Success Stories page.

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