Azion Introduces Product Suite for Comprehensive Edge Development

Azion Build Supports Frictionless Development with Comprehensive Tools and Support for Leading Architectures and Frameworks

Azion Introduces Product Suite for Comprehensive Edge Development

Azion Build Supports Frictionless Development with Comprehensive Tools and Support for Leading Architectures and Frameworks

PALO ALTO, Calif., Nov. 7, 2022 — Azion, a leader in edge computing, has announced the release of the Azion Build product suite. Part of the company’s efforts to support developers using its platform, the suite boosts developer velocity by making modern serverless edge applications simpler and faster to create. Developers can then deploy and scale these apps on Azion’s serverless edge platform while maintaining flexibility, performance, reliability, and security.

“Azion Build makes complex web apps easy to distribute on the decentralized edge so developers can unleash their creativity and focus on creating modern web applications,” said Alessandro Cauduro, chief developer experience officer, Azion. “Driven by our goal of creating a platform that is for developers, by developers, we crafted the product suite based on the input and needs of the developers in our community.”

With Azion Build, developers have the flexibility to build any kind of edge application from scratch, or by adapting what they’ve already created, using a variety of tools and capabilities. With Azion’s solutions, developers who move to the edge from the cloud can see improved speed, resilience, and decreased cost. In addition, the serverless platform improves business agility by allowing developers to streamline processes to quickly build and scale global applications without needing to touch the low-level infrastructure or operating system.

As Azion adheres to open standards, developers do not need to learn any new skills to call on Azion Build, and any applications created using the product suite are straightforward to deploy on other platforms. The suite’s functionality includes:

  • Edge Functions to create event-driven, serverless web apps on the edge.
  • WebAssembly support to enable app development of near real-time native applications based on familiar high-level programming languages like C/C++ and Rust.
  • Support for the React-based frameworks Next.js and Flareact to easily develop web apps and render dynamic web pages at the edge.
  • Support for the Jamstack architectural approach to build websites quickly and optimize them for speed, scale, security, and cost.
  • A robust set of RESTful APIs to facilitate application deployment, management, and integration with current systems.
  • The Azion Command-Line Interface (CLI) for publishing entire apps, managing configurations, and integrating fully with current CI/CD pipelines within minutes.
  • Azion’s Load Balancer to dynamically leverage multi-cloud, on-premise infrastructure, and data centers as needed to serve as backend based on availability, load, and performance.

Azion Build is the latest step in Azion’s ongoing commitment to take care of developers throughout their entire journey from building apps to scaling them. Earlier this year the company launched the Azion Marketplace, which offers pre-built application modules from leading partners for low-code/no-code development. Following that announcement, Azion appointed Cauduro as the firm’s inaugural Chief Developer Experience Officer to bring a bigger focus to the developer community and experience.

To learn more about Azion Build, visit the Azion blog and sign up for Azion here.

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Azion is a popular edge computing platform that simplifies how companies build, secure, deliver, and observe modern applications anywhere—directly in more than 100 edge locations operated by Azion, or other remote devices, clouds, or on-premise locations. Considered by Gartner one of the ten main technology trends that impacts infrastructure and operations, edge computing enables innovative mission-critical services required to build the future of e-commerce, games, finance, media, and applications such as modern IoT, edge, AI, 5G, AR, and VR applications. For more information, visit


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