Leverage the Power of Edge Computing with Azion's New Set of Templates

Explore Azion's intuitive developer tools. Simplify web application development and leverage edge computing capabilities for superior efficiency and seamless experiences.

Thiago Silva - Technical Researcher
Leverage the Power of Edge Computing with Azion's New Set of Templates

As the digital landscape expands, the need for smart, intuitive tools to simplify web application development is surging. To meet this demand, Azion is proud to unveil its new set of templates tailored to assist developers in creating, deploying, and managing a variety of web applications effectively and seamlessly integrating them with Azion’s Edge Computing Platform.

In this blog post, we will delve into the advantages and use cases of each template. This insightful journey will assist developers in harnessing the potential of these robust tools for business growth.

Hello World!

Let’s start simple: diving into a new programming language or development environment can be intimidating. The Hello World template makes it easy with a straightforward application that displays a “Hello, World!” message in your browser, a long-standing tradition among developers. 

While it may sound trivial, this template serves as a starting point allowing developers to familiarize themselves with writing code for Azion’s Edge Computing Platform and the unmatched capabilities of edge computing.

Fauna Boilerplate

Managing databases can be complex, but not with Azion’s Fauna Boilerplate. This template aids developers in effortlessly deploying and managing a Fauna-integrated database at the edge with key CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete) operations.

As digital evolution continues apace, so does the demand for fast, flexible, and secure databases. Companies aiming to construct an effective Content Management System (CMS), manage event tickets, or create user profiles will find the Fauna Boilerplate conducive to their goal.

By automating the creation and management of databases directly at the edge, Fauna Boilerplate reduces complexities and facilitates an environment for peak performance.

MongoDB Atlas Boilerplate

The MongoDB Atlas Boilerplate enables developers to deploy a database integrated with MongoDB at the edge and manage it seamlessly via API.

With the power to perform key CRUD operations, this template offers effortless edge deployment, exceptional flexibility, and absolute control. Moreover, it ensures that developers can maintain a CI/CD pipeline, leading to a streamlined workflow.

With the MongoDB Atlas Boilerplate, various applications such as CMS, event and ticket management, user profile management, task and project management, and user comments and feedback become much easier to handle. With faster delivery, lower latency, and expanded security, this template enhances digital assets and data utilization.

Hexo Boilerplate

This boilerplate is a template that empowers developers to quickly deploy new Hexo applications on the edge. This resource provides a streamlined development process that curbs technical complexities and optimizes build processes. The Hexo Boilerplate is particularly helpful for managing a Hexo Single-Page Application (SPA) right from the edge, thanks to its automation-centric approach.

Among the general benefits, the Hexo Boilerplate simplifies the development process with a ready-to-deploy project. Moreover, developers can gain hands-on experience with edge computing capabilities, and optimize Hexo application performance with the optimized build process provided by Azion’s platform. Besides these, an automated continuous deployment workflow is in place for easier application management.

The Hexo Boilerplate primarily targets developers keen on swiftly building and deploying Hexo SPAs. This becomes pivotal for a host of applications like creating personal blogs, company blogs, portfolio websites, documentation sites, or even news websites. By deploying the Hexo Boilerplate, developers can enjoy a fast setup, seamless management, and optimal performance

Edge Function Github AutoDeploy

Repetitive manual deployments can become tiresome, opening the door to avoidable human mistakes. The Edge Function GitHub AutoDeploy template automates this task, boosting your efficiency and minimizing deployment-related issues.

This template ensures that developers can focus on core tasks rather than getting bogged down by the deployment process. By using GitHub Actions to automate the CI/CD pipeline for edge functions, developers are assured of the latest and optimally performing versions of the functions. This results in a streamlined workflow, less prone to errors or inconsistencies. Consequently, deployment practices across different edge environments can be easily standardized, simplifying the process of updating and managing edge functions.

The Power of the Edge, Simplified

As the digital world continues to evolve, Azion’s suite of new templates offers developers a comprehensive toolset tailored to manage and optimize applications using the power of edge computing. Each template, from the Next.js Static Boilerplate for optimized SEO performance to the Edge Application Proxy for real-time content delivery, is designed to offer unique benefits, thereby enabling businesses to meet a lot of development needs across diverse use cases. 

Through the application of these templates, businesses can better harness the potential of Azion’s Edge Computing platform, resulting in enhanced efficiency, performance, and ultimately productivity. Azion aims to transform the future of web application development by providing resources that ensure a seamless, responsive, and optimally performing user experience.

If you want to know more about what you can do with edge computing and discover other templates and game-changing edge solutions, talk to our experts today or sign up for a free account.

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