Azion's Intelligent DNS helps NZN increase the performance, security and reliability of its applications and improve the experience of millions of Internet users

NZN relies on advanced DNS capabilities of Azion Intelligent DNS to redistribute its domains with high reliability and greater fault tolerance






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Intelligent DNS


  • ensure high availability to NZN’s applications, even in face of a complex security landscape that includes DNS-based attacks like DDoS and DNS poisoning;
  • increase performance of web and mobile applications in hostile networks, which cover most regions of Brazil; and
  • avoid DNS outages, which threaten the experience of 25 millions unique users as well as companies that count on NZN for advertising, media streaming and more.


  • content loading time improved by more than 60% in comparison to NZN’s performance using their legacy cloud provider;
  • hundreds of records that give customized instructions on millions of daily requests to NZN’s domains; and
  • security improvement for NZN’s applications against complex DNS-based attacks.


As a leader in creating targeted audiences in Brazil, NZN faces critical challenges, such as managing tens of domains accessed by one in five Internet users in the country and creating resilient, always-on applications to provide them rich media experiences.

In addition, there are many types of DNS-based attacks on the rise, including DDoS, DNS poisoning and hijacking, which threaten NZN’s services all the time. If an outage occurs on NZN’s platform, it would affect its partners and its millions of users.

NZN has focused squarely on providing users with amazing online news, content and video streaming experiences. To do so, the company’s infrastructure analysts recommended moving NZN’s applications to a decentralized, globally distributed architecture to kickstart improvements to its performance and reliability.


There are multiple ways to improve security and availability of NZN’s applications with Azion’s Edge. One of them is implementing Intelligent DNS, Azion’s authoritative DNS service, which allows customers to take their application availability, capacity and security to the next level.

NZN built hundreds of edge applications on Azion’s platform to deliver content from the edge, which is covered by advanced firewall rules. In addition, NZN replaced its legacy DNS service with Intelligent DNS domains to avoid lag times and DNS-based attacks.

Easy to use, Intelligent DNS allows NZN’s infrastructure analysts to redistribute naked domains with high reliability, increasing its fault tolerance, security and performance regardless of its applications’ complexity, and offload DNS management to Azion to prevent compatibility issues.

Results and impacts

Intelligent DNS works together with a number of Azion best-of-breed solutions, including Edge Application and Edge Firewall, to help NZN improve content loading time by more than 60% in comparison to the cloud legacy architecture.

NZN created hundreds of records that give customized instructions on TTL (time to live) for millions of daily requests through a friendly and intuitive interface. As a result, all of NZN’s users have enhanced speed and response time in their first interactions.

Azion’s Intelligent DNS also helps make NZN’s applications and services available all the time, even in the event of dangerous DNS-based attacks, providing the resilience and fault tolerance NZN needs to keep evolving, offer better experience to users and partners, and increase revenue.

“Having the best user experience on our platforms and applying the features to safely contribute to our environment is only possible with a partner like Azion. It’s really a differential to be able to count on Azion’s solutions for our business.”

Izabela Anholett, CTO at NZN

About NZN

In Brazil, one in five users consumes content from NZN, the largest vertical creator in the country and owner of some of the most important online brands in Brazil, such as TecMundo, The BRIEF, MegaCurioso, Minha Série, Baixaki and Click Jogos.

Founded 20 years ago in Curitiba, NZN gained prominence even in its first years of activity, when it launched Baixaki, which today has 5.4 million unique users. Since then, NZN has launched many other sites that together have a monthly audience of more than 23 million.

With so many consumers looking for quality content, NZN has a highly trained team to ensure excellent performance on its websites and bring unique experiences to more and more people.

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