Crefisa uses Azion's edge-native solutions to accelerate digital transformation and improve its applications’ and APIs' performance and security

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Edge Firewall


  • add a security perimeter for data protection and client access to the application;
  • accelerate innovation and improve applications' performance and security during the digital transformation process, which involved migration from a traditional data center to cloud;
  • simplify identification, mitigation and blocking of cyberthreats, adding efficiency and strategic value to the security team.


  • millions of complex attacks, such as DDoS, bad bots and major web threats mitigated by out-of-box protections and advanced firewall rules;
  • migration of dozens of Crefisa's domains to the edge, adding a multilayer security perimeter, high performance and availability to its applications;
  • implementation edge-native solutions, which modernized Crefisa's applications, even during the transition from legacy infrastructure to the cloud.


Crefisa constantly strives for digital innovation, aiming to better serve its millions of customers in a practical and agile way. A crucial step to reach this goal involved modernizing its infrastructure to implement the most sophisticated features in performance and security.

However, their migration from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud was happening gradually, amid a landscape in which traditional financial institutions are accelerating digital transformation to gain competitive advantage and offer the best customer experience in terms of security, availability, and performance. .

In this scenario marked by immediate needs, Crefisa was looking for a game changing partnership in the midst of the transformation process so as not to give up the competitive advantage offered by advanced technology.


When analyzing the market in search of solutions, Crefisa chose Azion’s Edge Platform due to its pricing model and the entire security stack that allows the construction of a zero-trust security model, adopting a granular and multi-layered security approach.

Compatible with both cloud and on-premise infrastructure, Azion’s platform offers the necessary resources for Crefisa’s plans, and the company was able to migrate its domains and build edge applications even during the transition to the cloud.

Those edge applications have brought Crefisa new opportunities, such as content delivery using more than 100 edge locations worldwide and granular access control, which Edge Firewall enables through an intuitive interface or API.

Using the Network Layer Protection, Web Application Firewall (WAF) and DDoS Protection modules, in addition to integrating Radware Bot Manager to firewall rules, Crefisa has a powerful set of resources and features to:

  • create personalized lists to block abusive users, malicious IP addresses, specific geolocations, proxies and traffic from the Tor network;
  • protect the application layer using WAF rules to block major web threats according to sensitivity levels that can be adjusted by Cresifa’s team of security specialists;
  • mitigate DDoS attacks using Azion’s worldwide distributed network to filter massive and sophisticated attacks with no impact on valid requests;
  • manage bot traffic with Radware’s bot management platform, which enables deep visualization and identification of all existing bot generations.

Implementing Azion’s set of edge-native solutions enabled Crefisa to accelerate its digital transformation, modernize its defensive posture and accelerate innovation while complying with the strict compliance requirements of the financial market.

Results and Impact

Throughout the quick, three-month implementation, Crefisa relied on Azion’s engineers to help make the most of the platform and develop new features to meet specific needs, giving rise to Edge Application’s multiport support, which today contributes to the success of many other Azion customers.

Using Edge Firewall, Crefisa’s security team can devote less effort to containing threats. By applying predefined filters and custom blocking rules, tens of thousands of malicious accesses are stopped every month, and hundreds of thousands of requests are filtered by the WAF.

Edge Application protection also covers Crefisa’s APIs, combining performance and security with modern innovations and applications, such as Open Banking and the Crefisa Mais app, which help millions of Brazilians to manage their financial lives.

Even during the process of digital transformation, Crefisa hasn’t stopped evolving to gain a competitive advantage, taking its applications to the next level regardless of whether they are running on legacy or cloud infrastructure, just by migrating them to Azion’s Edge.

About Crefisa

Crefisa offers one of the largest and most distinguished personal credit services in Brazil. In addition to being a credit company, the group also operates in the Education segment with Faculdade das Américas (FAM), one of the most innovative college institutions in the country. With over 50 years of history, millions of Brazilians have counted on Crefisa to make their dreams come true, invest in bigger projects, honor commitments or even improve a bad credit score. Crefisa offers companies a wide range of products and services, such as loans, exchanges, bank accounts, trade notes and anticipation of receivables, simplifying financial life and facilitating access to credit.

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