Application Acceleration

Accelerate the performance of your applications and APIs by optimizing protocols and building advanced request and response rules that suit your needs.


Instantly accelerate the delivery of your web applications to global users

Scale to meet peak demand, relying on the capacity and scale of Azion's Edge Network

Provides advanced request and response rules based on criteria and behaviors

Benefit from Azion's transport layer and protocols optimization

Improves response time over unreliable or busy network connections

No need for infrastructure or application changes.

Experience higher user retention rates and avoid user abandonment due to poor application performance

Key Features and Benefits

Meet user expectation for web applications

Users won't stick around when they are experiencing poor application or website performance. Meet user expectations for high quality, quickly rendered web applications through our wide array of acceleration techniques.

Improve response times for web applications

Application Acceleration makes use of various optimization techniques to improve application performance. At the transport-layer and protocol layers, we apply techniques such as route optimization, protocol optimization, and connection optimization.

Improved reliability during busy traffic periods

The Azion SDN Router ensures best-in-class routing algorithms under normal or complex situations, overcoming network issues such as packet loss or bandwidth congestion. It improves performance and reliability you need when delivering your content to any size audience, reducing failures and latency while increasing transfer rates.

Advanced request and respose rules

Application Acceleration allows you to configure advanced request and response rules, including granular caching, capture match groups and filters based on powerful criteria and behaviors you define.

Real-time management

Our platform is designed for real-time management so that every change or purge you make reflects in real-time on our global infrastructure. The platform offers advanced control and transparency, including DevOps tools such as versioning, CI/CD workflows, and logs in real-time.

Global edge network

Our global edge network spans South America (with over 30 PoP in Brazil alone), North America, Europe and Asia, with many planned builds ahead. This allows us to deliver content quickly to your users, wherever they are located.

Expand with other Azion Edge Application modules

When you create your Edge Application with Azion, you can use any of our edge modules such as Caching, Application Acceleration, Edge Functions, and DDoS Protection to reduce development time.

Use Cases

Accelerate Web & Mobile Applications

Reliable and consistent experiences across devices

Drive transaction volume and frequency of visits

Influence brand perception to increase lead generation and brand awareness

Benefit from fast and efficient modern web protocols like HTTP/2 and WebSockets

Scale while reducing costs

Ensures web applications scalability to meet peak demand

Reduce abandonment and increase customer satisfaction

Relieve costs on high volume of requests

Reduce the load on your origin infrastructure, especially during peak demand periods

Create, grow and retain audience

Ensures the best possible user experience

Deliver rich, personalized experiences to your users with granular caching

Well-positioned content for reduced latency in cellular networks

Drive positive customer satisfaction and repeat usage

Keep your content fresh and engaging with real-time purge

Docs, Training and Support

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