Taking Jamstack to the Edge with Azion

Learn how to deploy your Jamstack applications over Azion distributed edge platform, and discover how this combination can improve the performance and scale of your website.

Arijit Ghosh - Product Marketing Manager
Taking Jamstack to the Edge with Azion

Jamstack is a modern approach to develop and deploy websites at scale. This approach decouples the frontend from the backend and databases. The frontend is prebuilt into highly optimized static pages and assets using a Markup language such as HTML. Being static, these assets can be deployed on an edge platform for faster delivery. The backend applications that generate dynamic content are usually accessed using APIs, making pages rich and personalized. Javascript is the programming language glue that holds all this together. Together, these three components offer a flexible and simple web development stack for rapid development and deployment of modern websites.

Jamstack through Azion

Azion was built to elevate the developer experience while building massively scalable and highly performant web and edge applications. Over the last ten years, developers with a variety of backgrounds and experience have used Azion’s full stack edge computing platform to do exactly that. Now, with native support for Jamstack applications, we are expanding on that promise by making it super simple and ultra quick for web developers to deliver high quality websites.

Once you have your Jamstack application ready, you can deploy it on Azion’s global platform in just a few seconds. The application will be instantly available from the 100+ Azion edge locations around the world, within milliseconds from the end user, while being fully secure across the network and application layers. And it will require zero infrastructure configuration from you. In addition, Azion offers you the flexibility of using your own key value store as the database and your own origin for the static assets, thereby staying true to our DNA of providing a platform that promotes open standards.

Speed vs. Dynamism

While building fast static sites is helpful, let’s face it, a website is boring if it doesn’t provide the dynamic personalization that we have all come to expect. Jamstack knew this and as such, has APIs at its core to invoke the backend applications that generate the dynamic content. But what good is it to deliver the static content in milliseconds from the edge when the dynamic content is tens of seconds away, running in a cloud or datacenter? Should you compromise speed for the sake of dynamism? For us, the answer is a resounding no! That is why we built a global serverless platform: Azion Edge Functions. Edge Functions allows frontend developers to easily write microservices inspired scalable backends to their applications in the same language as the frontend, JavaScript. These dynamic functions run in the same locations as the static pages. The result - a much more engaging user experience and a much simpler developer experience.


Running Jamstack applications on the Azion Edge network provides your websites the speed, scalability, security and flexibility that is becoming increasingly important to gain a competitive advantage. We’re super excited about the future of this platform and can’t wait to see how you innovate with Azion. Go ahead - bring your bold vision to life and allow us to quietly offload the headache of supporting that dream of yours.

To learn more, please visit the documentation here.

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