New Real-Time Metrics Features Offer Enhanced Observability

Upgraded functionality will provide enhanced observability for applications, with powerful real-time visualization into performance, availability and security

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New Real-Time Metrics Features Offer Enhanced Observability

Today we are announcing the availability of our new Real-Time Metrics features through our Observe product suite. The upgraded features provide seamless insights with powerful real-time visualization into application performance, availability and security for better observability within organizations. 

Observability is crucial for diagnosing problems, optimizing system performance and ensuring the reliability and availability of complex software applications and distributed systems. As observability enables teams to gain critical insights into what is happening within a system, it’s essential that they have the tools to monitor performance effectively. With the ability to run complex, faster queries in one click, Real-Time Metrics provides new advanced features and filters that allow for robust data analysis and more detailed context on graphs all on an enhanced interface design for better user experience. 

“Observability isn’t just about seeing what’s happening within businesses; it’s about ensuring systems stay resilient. It’s one of our key pillars, and we have worked hard to offer our customers the best solution available so they can make observability a priority,” said Rafael Umann, CEO of Azion. “Our upgraded Real-Time Metrics functionality will allow users to have a complete view into their applications, which will ensure they have the context to make smarter and more informed business decisions.” 

New Real-Time Metrics features include:

  • Updated Data Source — New API, GraphQL.
  • Enhanced Filters  — More filter options and ability to use any variable as a filter.
  • New Variation Tag Functionality  — Make comparisons between periods on the graph with the help of a new tagging system.
  • Copy Query - Give access to the GraphQL query that was used to build the chart. Can be used to recreate the same chart on Grafana or in GraphQL.

To learn more about Azion’s Real-Time Metrics features, click here

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