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We're Improving Developer Experience With Our New Azion CLI

In our mission to revolutionize the digital world and drive the hyper-connected economy, we believe that the sky is no longer the limit. That’s why we’re announcing the new Azion CLI: our command-line interface that improves user experience on our platform and further powers what you can do at the edge.

Why Use Azion CLI?

All things being equal, what makes a developer choose one platform over another? Although this is a matter of personal taste on some level, many tech professionals will point out that they prioritize how easy it is for them to get their job done quickly. This means having better control of systems, speeding up the development and release cycles, implementing automation through scripting, and simplifying execution at scale. A command line interface (CLI) is a universally loved tool by developers to accomplish all of that. And that’s exactly why Azion is announcing a new and improved CLI so developers can further explore the infinite potential of our edge platform using the interface of choice of most devs.

Azion CLI allows you to perform complex tasks on our platform via command line. This means that you can perform the entire process of creating, managing, deploying, updating, and deleting your edge functions with just a few commands. Furthermore, CLI is the simplest way for our customers to provision Next.js and Flareact applications. On top of all that, you also have the option to manage edge services created in Edge Orchestrator.

Using Azion CLI

Here we have some examples of how Azion CLI will make your work easier, from setting up the interface to implementing a new application.

Installing Azion CLI

As mentioned earlier, simplicity is a priority for any dev who wants to deliver quality work. That’s why Azion CLI is compatible with different platforms and operating systems, as shown below.

Operating System Architecture File
macOS x86_64 AzionCLI
FreeBSD x86_64 AzionCLI
FreeBSD ARM64 AzionCLI
Linux x86_32 AzionCLI
Linux x86_64 AzionCLI
Linux ARM32 AzionCLI
Linux ARM64 AzionCLI

In addition, it can also be installed quickly via command lines. In our documentation you can find a step-by-step guide to running this powerful interface on your computer in just a few minutes.


To improve user experience, Azion CLI is based on clear commands with as few parameters as possible. That way, using simple variations of the azioncli edge_functions, such as azioncli edge_functions create, azioncli edge_functions list, and azioncli edge_functions update, you can create, manage, and even delete edge functions that are no longer needed for your applications.

Watch the following video to see how this entire process can be executed in less than two minutes.

Azion CLI is also the most effective and secure way to work with the Jamstack architecture on our edge platform, enabling powerful, secure and highly performant serverless applications. In the video below, you can check out how our CLI simplifies the provisioning of an application on Flareact, the React framework used in our edge platform.

You can also follow this link to find a complete list of commands and functions currently available in Azion CLI. In addition, you can use the -h or --help options at any given time in the CLI itself to consult the list and learn how to operate each of the commands you want to use.

And That’s Not All…

Constant innovation and improvement are in Azion’s DNA, so the current version of Azion CLI is just the beginning.

Soon you will also be able to manage Edge Application, Intelligent DNS, and all other Azion products and APIs via command line. The autocomplete function is also one of our highest priorities to make the user experience even more fluid and dynamic, and the support for Azion templates will be another important feature to make Azion CLI more and more versatile.

Azion CLI Is Like Azion Itself: Flexible and Transparent

Azion’s constant dedication to delivering an even better user experience is nothing new to our customers. From optimizing how you sign up for our platform to implementing your applications, we work hard so that you always have the simplest, safest and most efficient way to do your job. Here are just a few examples:

  • Social Login allows you to register on our platform and access the Real-Time Manager in just a few seconds, without the need to provide long lists of information or create new access passwords;
  • On Azion Marketplace you can search, implement and run an edge function or an edge application with a few clicks;
  • With our Web Application Firewall you can protect your web applications from the main OWASP Top 10 attacks and zero-day threats within seconds, setting pre-built rules and pre-established sensitivity levels.
  • Real-Time Metrics processes and displays navigation data and provides key insights in real time through a simple, detailed menu.

Azion CLI is based on the same philosophy as all of these solutions, with one more advantage: it has been completely open-sourced, which allows the necessary customization to meet the specific needs of each of our customers.

Try Azion CLI

Using a constantly improved CLI, developers around the world will be able to explore the limitless potential of the Azion Edge Platform quickly and creatively. You are also invited to discover new ways to create, secure, deliver, and observe the best serverless applications that run at the edge, wherever you use them: on-premise, in the cloud, on remote devices, or on our global edge network

Azion CLI is currently in beta. We invite you to use this powerful tool and give us your valuable feedback. If you’re not an Azion customer yet, reach out to our experts or create your free account today to learn how edge can revolutionize your business. If you’re already part of our digital revolution, install the Azion CLI now and discover that the sky is no longer the limit — because that’s a cloud thing, anyway. ;)