Happy Anniversary, Azion!

As we celebrate our anniversary, we would love to share with you how we got to where we are and what we have planned for the years ahead.

Rachel Kempf - Editor-in-Chief
Happy Anniversary, Azion!

Although Azion was founded as a one-man startup, today, it is a thriving company with more than 190 employees. This year has been one of Azion’s most exciting years yet, with the release of new products and features, an expanded global footprint, and a rapidly growing team. As we celebrate our anniversary, we would love to share with you how we got to where we are and what we have planned for the years ahead.

A Brief History of Azion

“I founded Azion with the goal of disrupting the CDN space with a programmable CDN. In less than two years, we started selling our first product and quickly scaled to dozens of large enterprises.” – Rafael Umann, CEO and founder of Azion

Although most tech companies today begin by raising millions of dollars in venture capital, Azion’s success has been bootstrapped from day one. By targeting large enterprises as our first customers, we were able to stay laser-focused on innovation.

Since then, the idea for programmability at the edge proved not only revolutionary to the CDN industry, but crucial for many of today’s most exciting and innovative technologies, like AI, VR, IoT, and 5G. As a leader in this field, our edge services and products now power some of the world’s largest retailers and over 40,000 e-commerce sites, platforms and their customers worldwide.

Azion Today

“The Azion Platform has provided us with the flexibility we needed to manage the delivery of a large volume of video content to students enrolling at UNINTER hubs across Brazil and thus provide experience at a speed essential for quality distance education.” – Reginaldo Servilha de Carvalho, Coordinator of Transmission Infrastructure and Studio at UNINTER

In the past year, edge computing has become an indispensable tool for enabling mission-critical access to Internet services during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve helped clients innovate and adapt to the needs of a changed world by providing the tools to secure remote workspaces with zero trust, improve performance and scalability for distance learning platforms, improve connectivity with the rollout of commercial 5G, and enable the future of e-commerce.

In addition, this year has brought rapid expansion to our company with Series A funding from our investors monashees and Qualcomm Ventures. In the past year, we’ve doubled our workforce and expanded our portfolio with products with new serverless compute, orchestration, and bot management tools.

The Road Ahead

We are amazed and humbled by Azion’s incredible journey over the past 11 years – from a one-man startup to a leader in one of today’s most crucial and innovative technologies. In the past year, our team’s growth and innovation has surpassed even our most ambitious goals – but we’re not stopping there. In the coming year, we plan to double our employee count and continue the research and development that will help us meet the growing demand for serverless applications and connected devices.

We hope the incredible expansion we’ve planned will result in equally big developments in edge computing and the next generation of wireless technology. We are deeply grateful to everyone who has supported us along the way, and we look forward to creating even more innovative services and products for our current and future clients. We can’t wait to see what’s next from you.

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