Embracing Digital Transformation

learn how to embrace digital transformation and bring your company's infrastructure to the cutting edge of modern technology.

Frank Garland - Technical Researcher
Embracing Digital Transformation

Transforming a company is hard. So hard in fact, that major company-wide transformations are more likely to fail than succeed. And the odds are even slimmer for digital transformations. Whether you’re a traditional company trying to claw your way onto the world wide web, or a sleek digital enterprise that’s pouring every resource into staying cutting edge, major digital overhauls are a serious undertaking. Here’s the bad news: It just became even harder. Here’s the worse news: Change is inevitable and inescapable.

The pandemic has changed everything. This change has rippled outward from the micro to the macro, from the individual forced to rethink how to live their day, to the largest enterprises forced to rethink the entire framework of their business. From a commercial standpoint, the pandemic has pushed transactions online to a degree that almost no one was prepared for. Even staple in-person activities have found popular alternatives like no contact grocery deliveries. Businesses of every genre are trying their best to develop online offerings fast, while even major e-commerces are forced to admit that they weren’t prepared for this level of demand this soon. It’s a very hectic, but also very important time to be a digital enterprise. Not since the dawn of the internet has there been this much opportunity for growth. It’s sort of like being a prospector heading home from the end of the California gold rush, only to hear that, wait just a minute, they’ve just discovered a second California just a few miles further west and there’s gold in them thar hills!

Of course, this isn’t just a free revenue boost. Just like prospecting, only the quick and the lucky will be able to reap the full benefit of this change in the market. Evolve or die. That’s the motto of the day. Luckily, you have one tool those prospectors never had: This blog! In which we will guide you through the latest trends in successful enterprise transformation and application modernization, and show you how to turn this time of chaos into a moment of opportunity.

1). All Hands On Deck

When it comes to upping your digital game, top-down leadership can only take you so far. Companies that have successfully migrated their legacy operations into a digitally savvy organization credit company-wide synergy and top-notch communication at all levels and across departments. This depth and breadth of communication translates to frequent and comprehensive progress reports, as well as fostering an openness to dialogue between all branches and positions. When something goes wrong with that new software update (and I do mean when), It’s likely going to be a frontline employee, not a c-level executive, who has the opportunity to sound the alarm. The internal communication infrastructure you build now will determine how well that critical voice will be heard.

2). Examine Your Toolbelt

Too many companies make the same mistake, particularly major industrial companies whose customer-facing focus has managed to do just fine by keeping their feet firmly planted in the real world. This common mistake is the assumption that perfect modernization will eventually occur if you throw enough money at the problem. It won’t. No matter how vast your resources, if you expend them on inferior tools, the results will be equally inferior. One simple rule of thumb is, if your company-wide transformation is meant to be a move towards modernization, don’t use software and design philosophies that are 10+ years old. This is arguably the most important takeaway. Familiarize yourself with modern product offerings, and dive deeper than just listening to what the software vendor says. You’re going to need to know the difference between traditional server and serverless, whether you want to host your data on the cloud or at the telco edge (or on hybrid cloud, or multi cloud…). Understanding what your company needs will empower you to find the people best equipped to support those needs, and will enable those people to offer you the right tool for the job. For example, At Azion, our philosophy is focused on the optimization of distributed and decentralized systems, and our product offerings are built in service to that core philosophy, specifically designed to work on newer edge platforms.

3). Back To School

This is particularly vital for large companies, but whether you’re an army of 10,000 or a team of ten, you’re going to want to give every member the opportunity to contribute to the transformation in a meaningful way, and the only way to do that is to educate them on the process involved. Whether that’s company-wide seminars or simply passing along helpful links to articles and tutorial videos covering some of the meatier technological concepts. Use those good communication channels previously discussed to determine what’s working and what isn’t. An educated workforce is an invested workforce, and you’ll get a lot more buy-in when everyone understands the magnitude of the transformation taking place. Shared knowledge is vital for digital transformation to occur, and investing in the proper technology is a step in the right direction. If you take the time to set up internal support systems like video streams and dynamic web applications, your teams will greatly increase their fluency, and your company will reap the rewards.

Azion’s Transformation Enablement

Here at Azion, we eat, sleep, and breathe modernization. Our team is committed to building the future, and we’re always excited to help enterprises modernize their infrastructure. Even if it’s simply in the role of educator, our articles are a perfect way to familiarize yourself and your team with all of the components that make up a successful digital enterprise. But once you’ve done your research you’ll find that when it comes to modernization, it doesn’t get more modern than the serverless edge. Azion offers a fully-scalable distributed edge platform, the perfect foundation on which to build your newly transformed enterprise. With a full-suite of state of the art, edge-focused tools, Azion can help you transform your infrastructure at a granular level. Azion tools work in service to four core goals to optimize your web presence and streamline content delivery.

BUILD: Build scalable infrastructure on our edge platform with remotely configurable edge nodes using zero-touch provisioning.

SECURE: Screen for anomalous traffic, isolate OWASP top 10 threats, and adapt to zero-day attacks with Azion’s edge security measures.

DELIVER: Boost the stability and speed of your content delivery with fault tolerant and performant solutions in areas including loading balancing and DNS.

OBSERVE: attain a comprehensive and holistic view of your whole system, both internal and customer facing with our Data Stream and data analytics solutions.

Our tools have a proven record of boosting connection speed, heightening security, streamlining workflows, and strengthening fault tolerance. If you’re ready to embrace digital transformation at the edge, we’re ready to show you how.

Key Takeaways

Times are changing. And the time to take advantage of that is now. Embrace proper digital transformation by nourishing your communication channels, educating your workforce, and learning how to select the tools that will best serve you. If modernization is the name of the game, Azion’s state of the art edge platform and edge applications may be exactly what you’re looking for. Give us a try today, and together we’ll shape the future of digital commerce.

Want to know more about Azion’s solutions that can revolutionize the way your enterprise operates in the digital space? Discover our product suite to see how we cover all the different needs and solve different problems in today’s uncertain and turbulent market.

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