Simultaneous Multiport Support Makes Your Edge Migration Easier

New feature gives you more flexibility in the way your applications are delivered, and helps to avoid extra development costs.

Rafael Rigues - Technical Researcher
Simultaneous Multiport Support Makes Your Edge Migration Easier

Azion is adding to its Edge Computing Platform a new feature that will give you more flexibility when deploying your applications and simplify your migration to the edge. 

Configuring an Edge Application to answer requests on any port available on Azion’s infrastructure, even non-standard ones, was already possible. Now, the same application can be configured to answer on multiple ports, simultaneously.

What Are the Benefits of Multiport Support?

One of the benefits of multiport support can be seen when migrating your applications to the edge. Imagine you have a legacy application that was developed to answer HTTPS requests on port 8443 instead of 443, the default port specified by the protocol.

The flexibility for choosing any port allows us to meet this requirement. Without it, it would be necessary to adapt the origin’s application and the clients so they can communicate using the standard port. This would demand development time, and impact your migration schedule.

In the same example, imagine that the scenario is a little more complex: some clients have already been updated to communicate using the standard port, while others still use the legacy one. Now you can do both, just by configuring your application to answer both on ports 8443 and 443. You can select as many ports as needed.

How to configure multiport support?

To enable multiport support on your Edge Application, you will use the Real-Time Manager. Open the settings for your application and, in the Settings tab, select the desired delivery protocol, HTTP or HTTP & HTTPS. After that, use the drop-down menus under Ports HTTP and Ports HTTPS to choose the ports you wish to use.

In this example, an Edge Application is being configured to answer HTTP requests on ports 80 and 8008, and HTTPS requests on ports 443, 9440 and 9441. Image: Azion Tecnologies.

For more information, check our documentation.


Azion’s Edge Computing Platform has the tools you need to optimize performance, enhance scalability and get more flexibility in the way your applications are delivered across the Internet. Talk to our experts to know more.

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