Azion Technical Account Manager, What This Service Can Do for Your Business

Azion helps you accelerate your solutions' time-to-value, optimize technology, and reduce risks across its solution portfolio with the expertise and advice from Azion TAM (Technical Account Management) services.

Thiago Silva - Technical Researcher
Azion Technical Account Manager, What This Service Can Do for Your Business

Accelerate your applications’ time-to-value, optimize technologies, and reduce operational risks with the specialized advice and deep technical knowledge of an Azion TAM—Technical Account Manager.

What Is Azion TAM?

Innovating quickly to offer more robust, secure services that generate the best business results requires companies to change their operations. One way of doing this is moving from a reactive mode to a more proactive approach, focusing on strategic projects. To face this challenge, companies can now count on the Professional Services modality to increase efficiency, streamline processes and reduce costs.

In order to meet this growing demand for professionals who combine high technical knowledge with strategic vision, Azion now provides this type of service through Azion TAM, a highly qualified professional who acts as a point of contact with our customers.

The TAM plays an advisory role, providing strategic technical guidance to help accelerate your digital transformation and edge computing journey and offering insights to maximize your organization’s existing investments in infrastructure and applications.

This professional can also help with application utilization, performance, and security, minimizing the risks involved in implementation and updates performed at the edge. Your IT and business teams will rely on specialized consulting to keep the efficiency and operational health of your applications running in Azion.

Benefits of a Technical Account Manager

By hiring Azion TAM, your company will have the direct collaboration of a specialized professional whose main mission will be to support your:

To achieve these goals, the Technical Account Manager performs multiple Professional Services activities:

  • Weekly technical meetings related to ongoing projects;
  • Internalization and monitoring of customer demands, such as POCs and requests for new features and products;
  • Review and validation of the project plan;
  • Monthly and quarterly reports of hired services, with indicators, trends, and personalized diagnoses;
  • Report on best practices and recommendations for proactive and continuous optimization;
  • Support in the Change Management process;
  • Coordination of access to Azion’s group of experts.

Count on Azion TAM to Accelerate Your Time-to-Value

All the major surveys and market trends show that the best way to accelerate the time-to-value of your applications and your entire business is to speed up your digital transformation.

The Technical Account Manager service is currently available for Enterprise and Mission Critical customers. To boost your digital transformation, talk to our experts and get detailed information about the pricing and availability of our Azion TAM services.

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