Azion Marketplace Adds Solution to Monitor and Block Suspicious Requests

Monitor and block suspicious requests with the Request Variation Controller feature available on the Azion Marketplace.

Thiago Silva - Technical Researcher
Azion Marketplace Adds Solution to Monitor and Block Suspicious Requests

The Request Variation Controller feature is now available on the Azion Marketplace. With a few clicks, this solution makes your application more secure by monitoring and blocking suspicious requests based on variation control.

What Is the Request Variation Controller Feature?

The Request Variation Controller feature helps limit the number of variations allowed in applications requests. With it, you can prevent misuse or abuse, improving security, protecting against unauthorized access, and ensuring a better user experience by allowing only legitimate requests to be serviced.

Use Cases

The Request Variation Controller is a critical security solution to e-commerce, financial institutions, educational platforms, and government agencies since it prevents attacks on your platform and protects your users’ data.

To help control the number of possible variations within a field on your application, a control value of integer type is used to keep track of the maximum number of possible combinations. For example, suppose a particular identifier, such as a social security number, should be modified at most three times by the same IP or device. In that case, this control value will ensure that the number of variations stays within that limit.

How Does the Request Variation Controller Work?

The Request Variation Controller has two solutions: Hash Generator and Hash Validator. Together, they work to protect your online assets. 

In the response phase, the Hash Generator would create a signed cookie to track the different arguments the user (or the origin) uses across requests. This cookie would be used for the second solution, the Hash Validator, which would check the number of variations made and block access to the application’s origin whenever the user exceeded the maximum number permitted.

How to Use the Request Variation Controller on Azion’s Platform

The Request Variation Controller feature is already available on Azion Marketplace to all Azion customers, and can be added to Edge Functions in a few clicks. To do so, just follow the steps below, which are further detailed in our documentation:

  • Access the Real-Time Manager;
  • Access the Azion Marketplace from the platform menu;
  • Search for the Request Variation Controller solutions;
  • On the solution page perform the subscription (launch);
  • Now, you just need to instantiate to start using the feature in your edge function.

Discover the Azion Marketplace

The Azion Marketplace is a digital catalog that simplifies finding, testing, and implementing ready-made solutions and functions compatible with Azion’s Edge Computing Platform. In it, you find a wide variety of partner and independent vendor code to compose, enhance or customize yourapplications in a few clicks, going from prototype to enterprise scale in minutes.

The functions developed and available by Azion on our Marketplace (such as the Request Variation Controller) can be implemented in applications on our platform for free. You only pay for the invocations and computing time of the solution in Edge Functions.

For more information, talk to one of our experts or set up a free account. You’ll receive a $300 bonus in service credits to test our solutions and explore the full potential of the edge.

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