Azion Announces Solution That Blocks Oversized Requests

Find out why blocking oversized requests simplifies operations and gives you a competitive advantage. Get more security and performance for your applications with Azion's Limit Payload Size solution.

Vivian Seixas - Technical Researcher
Azion Announces Solution That Blocks Oversized Requests

Azion offers a new solution on its Marketplace to protect your origin and reduce the amount of data transferred: Limit Payload Size. With it, your application will be more secure and efficient. 

What is Limit Payload Size?

Limit Payload Size makes it possible to define a limit for payloads and block oversized requests in any connection. 

The result is better security and performance for your applications and websites, increased compatibility between different systems and devices, and reduced bandwidth costs.

How Does Limit Payload Size Work?

The solution uses an Edge Function to evaluate request data and deny payloads that exceed a predefined threshold. Instead of reading the body, the function validates the payload size of the request by checking the ‘Content-Length’ header. This way, users are protected from attempts to change the header value.

To better understand how Limit Payload Size works, let’s think about the following situation: you work in the banking sector and have a system that usually receives massive payloads that affect your origin, generating high traffic. You may ask yourself: “How can I block this kind of request?”

That’s where Limit Payload Size comes in: a function with simple arguments that controls the size of requests. For example, suppose a payload should be around 10Kb, and you get a 50Kb one. It could be an attacker and not a typical user. To act in advance and mitigate this potential problem during the request, our solution will block it.

Use Cases

From banking to e-commerce, companies of all verticals can use the Limit Payload Size solution to help their teams deliver business results much faster. It can:

  • Decrease network traffic
  • Decrease web page load time with payload validation
  • Mitigate compatibility issues with mobile devices or low-bandwidth connections
  • Avoid overhead on the origin with long requests

How to Get the Benefits of Limit Payload Size on the Azion Platform

It’s easy! Follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Real-Time Manager account (if you don’t have one, sign-up for a free trial  here)
  • On the upper-left corner of the page, select Products menu > Marketplace
  • Select the search box and type “payload” or browse through the cards to find the Limit Payload Size solution
  • Once you’ve found the solution’s card, select it to go to the solution’s page
  • On the solution’s page, look for the Subscribe for section on the bottom-right corner
  • Click on the Get it now button

For more details, access the documentation.

Get to Know the Azion Marketplace

The Azion Marketplace is a digital catalog that simplifies finding, testing, and implementing ready-made solutions and functions compatible with Azion’s Edge Computing Platform. 

You find a wide variety of partners and independent vendor solutions to compose, enhance, or customize your applications in a few clicks, going from prototype to enterprise scale in minutes.

The functions developed and available by Azion on our Marketplace (such as the Limit Payload Size) can be implemented in applications on our platform for free. You only pay for the invocations and computing time of the solution in Edge Functions.

For more information, talk to one of our experts or set up a free account. You’ll receive a $300 bonus in service credits to test our solutions and explore the full potential of the edge.

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