Intelligent DNS

Extend the performance and security of your edge applications using our Authoritative DNS to route your users.

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Manage your domains through a friendly and intuitive interface.

Accelerate the delivery of your content from the first interaction of your user.

Migrate your domains and records via API.

Ideal solution for those looking for high performance and availability for their business.

Protect your applications from denial of service attacks on your DNS.

Key Features and Benefits

Simple and Intuitive

Intelligent DNS starts responding to DNS queries quickly. You can configure your domains and DNS records using Real-Time Manager, simply and quickly, or via an easy-to-integrate API.

Track your traffic in real time

We provide data on the volume of DNS accesses for each domain. Through Real-Time Metrics, filter and view the number of accesses in the hosted zones, in real time.

Global reach

Azion's global Anycast network is distributed in several countries around the world, and speeds up DNS resolutions for users who connect to their applications and APIs, offering better DNS performance and response time.

Authoritative DNS

Using Azion as an Authoritative DNS, you decrease response time and protect your applications and APIs against the most recurring threats on the web.

Highly available and reliable

Developed using Azion's highly available and reliable infrastructure, Intelligent DNS guarantees, through its routing system, the delivery of its content to users of its applications to APIs.

Use Cases

Create ANAME-type entries and register a Naked Domain, for optimization and accessibility of your domains at Azion.

Use an administrator and DNS generator like Azion DNS as settings for your domain entries.

Reduce latency in resolving your DNS using Azion's Anycast network and ensure delivery by the Edge Node closest to the end user.

Docs, Training and Support

Essential Concepts

Walk through the essential concepts of Azion Intelligent DNS.

First Steps

Log into Real-Time Manager and start building your Edge Applications now.

How to codes & Tutorials

Check out our how-to guides and tutorials that take you through the fundamentals to the most complex tasks.

Library of Code Samples

Library of Code Samples

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