Intelligent DNS

Improve the security and availability of your applications using Azion's resilient Authoritative DNS service.


Manage your domains through a friendly and intuitive interface.

Speed up delivery of your content from the user’s first interaction.

Migrate your domains and records via API.

An ideal solution for those looking for high performance and access for their business.

Protect your applications from denial of service attacks on your DNS.

Key Features and Benefits

Authoritative DNS

Using Azion as an Authoritative DNS, decreases response times and protects your applications and APIs against most recurring threats on the web.


Intelligent DNS is highly effective at mitigating DNS-based attacks, such as DDoS and other threats, ensuring your application's is protected.

Global reach

Azion's global Anycast network speeds up DNS resolutions for users connecting to their applications and APIs, offering better DNS performance and response time.

Apex zone mapping

Intelligent DNS allows the configuration of ANAME records for the domains of applications running on the Azion platform.

Simple and Intuitive

Configure your domains and DNS records simply and quickly, using Real-Time Manager or via an easy-to-integrate API. Intelligent DNS is fast at responding to queries.

Tracking real-time access

We provide data on the number of times DNS is accessed for each domain. Through Real-Time Metrics, filter and view the amount of access in the zones that are hosted, in real-time.

Use Cases

Host your primary or secondary DNS

By using Intelligent DNS instead of your existing DNS service or by expanding your primary DNS, you will have excellent availability, capacity and security.

Reduce latency with DNS queries

When configuring ANAME records for your application's domains running on the Azion platform, Intelligent DNS optimizes responses, avoiding recursive DNS queries that would be triggered by CNAME records.

Protect your applications from attacks

Protect your applications from going off-line, with Intelligent DNS, by making use of the best security and mitigation features for preventing DDoS attacks.

Improve your user's experience

Intelligent DNS ensures that you provide your users with better performance and availability, because it is a redundant and decentralized service that uses IP Anycast.

Improve the application's usability

Make your applications more accessible with or without using www in your domain name. Intelligent DNS allows you to configure your naked domain for Azion's edge network.

Docs, Training and Support

Essential Concepts

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Library of Code Samples

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