Data Streaming

Real-time access of data and statistics to power your big data, stream processing platform and serverless applications.


Build better and more responsive products with rich real-time data and statistics.

Build more personalized and responsive experiences with rich real-time data and statistics.

Empower DevOps or business teams with intelligent insights into the Azion Platform, users and applications.

End-to-end encryption to meet auditing and compliance requirements.

Real-time push delivery mechanisms with pre-built connectors to Kafka, Splunk, S3 and others tools.

Limitless pay-per-use capacity, free of operational tasks.

Key Features and Benefits

Build future-proof apps

Combine Azion's Edge Application with Data Streaming to smoothly migrate out of your legacy workloads to a future-proof Edge Application, with no need to modify your origin application code, deploy origin networking equipment, or any end-user device instrumentation.

Monitor the performance of your content and applications

Choose the service you want to monitor your applications and user performance based on customized metrics from our Data Streaming service.

Use your favorite and familiar tools

Stream your data or statistics by encrypted HTTP Push or use a pre-built connector(s) such as to Kafka, Splunk, S3 and others.

Analyze user behavior and patterns

Implement beaconing termination to analyze navigation patterns, user behavior and user experience. Use your data to predict what the consumer will buy and personalize e-mails or webpages to increase your sales.

Straightforward troubleshooting

Provides your DevOps team the transparency they need when serving content and applications. Troubleshoot connectivity issues, highlight applications that require performance tuning and identify the root causes behind service disruptions.

Meet auditing and compliance requirements

Stream encrypted data or statistics in real-time to your own Big Data, SIEM or storage service and apply the data retention policy that meets your compliance requirements.

Expand with other Azion Edge Application modules

When you create your Edge Application with Azion, you can use any of our edge modules such as Caching, Application Acceleration and Edge Functions to reduce development time.

Use Cases

Build serverless applications

Stream the HTTP body directly to Data Streaming with no need for an application on the backend

Low latency access to data on Edge Applications, ideal for building transactional web applications and AI-based applications

Select the data sets you want to collect with a simple check-box interaction

Analyze applications and user behavior in real-time

Implement clickstream, point-of-sale, and segmentation analysis in retail

Drill down to the request level and troubleshoot issues with agility

Quickly validate whether security or other Edge Application deployments are acceptable or not

Create powerful beaconing terminations with granular control and selectability

Leverage Big Data to gain insights into navigation patterns and user behavior to improve your products

Fraud analysis and data governance

Easily implement real-time fraud detection

Stream data or statistics in real-time to your own Big Data, SIEM or storage service

Provides end-to-end encryption of application and user data and statistics

Create the data retention policy to meet your compliance requirements

Docs, Training and Support

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