Azion's New Marketplace Makes It Easy to Find, Test, and Deploy Edge-Enabled Software

Azion Marketplace gathers together a wide range of third-party solutions that Azion customers can use to easily enhance, compose, or customize their applications.

Fabiana Gonçalves - Product Marketing Manager
Luis Quezada LL. - Technical Researcher
Azion's New Marketplace Makes It Easy to Find, Test, and Deploy Edge-Enabled Software

Edge computing is a globally distributed computing environment that enables a wide range of innovative and resource-efficient solutions. This new computing concept is designed to optimize application performance, reliability, and security, providing countless opportunities to get one step ahead of your competitor.

In other words, edge computing is a big opportunity with more use cases than one company can build on its own. To deliver everything the edge has to offer, edge service providers must not only provide a wide range of proprietary solutions, but also partner with innovators and leaders across different verticals to add immediate value to developers and businesses of any size.

For this reason, we are proud to introduce Azion Marketplace, our new ecosystem of third-party, open-source communities and developer solutions that integrate with the Azion Edge Platform to push the boundaries of what’s possible at the edge.

Our marketplace was already a market tool on our platform, but now, developers can use it to leverage the tools of other high-tech companies with just a few clicks and, even better, with only a few seconds’ deployment, adding even more value to the experience. For example, if a website suffers a bot attack, the developer can quickly scale one more security layer and deploy it in a short time to mitigate the damage caused by the attack.

Introducing Azion Marketplace

Azion Marketplace is a digital catalog that makes it easy to find, test, and deploy edge-enabled software that runs anywhere. Azion Marketplace provides a means for ISVs (Independent Software Vendors), software developers, and open-source communities to distribute their software to an audience of hundreds of active buyers.

If you are already an Azion customer, you can take advantage of Azion Marketplace through Real-Time Manager. As a customer, you can:

  • Execute and deploy code in a few clicks—from prototype to enterprise-scale with no-ops, just code.
  • Get licensing flexibility by using your existing licenses in a BYOL model (bring your own license) or purchase licenses directly from Azion.
  • Simplify the procurement process by purchasing software from a single vendor and invoice.

All software listed in our digital catalog is built or adapted to run on the edge and is streamlined to be immediately deployable from Marketplace. In a few clicks, you can find and deploy a product in Edge Firewall or Edge Application, and once a product has been deployed, it will be automatically available in your Azion account, and you can start using it right away.

If you want to become an Azion partner or an ISV, you must integrate your product or service with Azion’s platform in order to be published on our marketplace. To do so, simply go to our website and fill out the information on the form. Shortly after sending it, you’ll be contacted by one of our experts, who will provide the next steps in the partnership process. As an Azion Marketplace partner, you can:

  • Grow your sales by expanding your revenue channels and leveraging the impact of Azion’s established brand.
  • Reach different business sectors to achieve a wider range of success stories.
  • Sell and distribute your products with higher performance by using Azion’s specialized platform.

Benefits of Azion Edge Platform and Its Partnership Integration

Businesses across all sectors are motivated to expand their online presence worldwide. However, this expansion brings security challenges by increasing their attack surface and making them vulnerable to a wider range of threats.

To prevent these issues, Azion Marketplace is integrated with Azion’s entire suite of products. This lets marketplace users take advantage of the platform’s full technological capacity, including fraud detection, authentication & authorization, bot mitigation, and facial recognition, through novel technologies, such as visual compute and artificial intelligence, running at the edge. These capabilities, along with Azion’s serverless model, which reduces management tasks by enabling automatic scaling on resources managed by Azion, gives companies the tools to optimize their performance, increase their profits, reach new limits, and establish efficient and reliable security mechanisms without interrupting their business operations.

For example, Azion Marketplace provides a bot management solution that can optimize security management practices and protect APIs, web, and mobile applications from automated bot attacks. Through advanced classification techniques, such as machine learning, intent-based analysis, and real user flow-based detection, Bot Manager identifies and mitigates all types of sophisticated malicious bots from those that are not. In addition, our marketplace’s fraud solutions let companies monitor and verify Internet traffic to protect against data leakage, phishing, and credential stuffing.

As a result, any company’s dev team can take advantage of Azion’s Edge Platform while effortlessly adopting edge-enabled solutions to quickly enhance, compose, or customize their applications.

What to Expect From Azion Marketplace

Azion’s Edge Platform was cited in the Q4 2021 Forrester New Wave™: Edge Development Platforms as “the best fit for teams that need global edge performance…” Combining this powerful platform with the technology of its existing partners will increase the value delivered to customers considerably and, as a result, the technology used in their applications. Azion Marketplace is open to new partners and working to implement many other cutting-edge solutions.

Do you want to know more about Azion Marketplace and test out our full suite of products? Create a free account and get $300 in credit or contact our experts to start your digital transformation! Unlock the infinite potential of the edge!

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