Azion Achieves Record-Breaking NPS and Reaches the Highest Customer Satisfaction Score in Its History

Azion achieves 84 points in NPS and reaches excellence in the customer satisfaction index.

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Azion Achieves Record-Breaking NPS and Reaches the Highest Customer Satisfaction Score in Its History

Our customers’ success is our success! That’s why we are proud to announce that we’ve achieved a score of 84 on the Net Promoter Score (NPS), the highest in Azion’s history.

This score places Azion among the select companies with excellent customer satisfaction scores, with an NPS 40% above the global average for the technology sector (60).1

NPS is a globally used methodology for measuring customer satisfaction and assessing the degree of loyalty to a brand. A score between -100 to 0 is in the critical zone, 1 to 50 needs improvement, 51 to 75 is in the quality zone, and 76 to 100 achieves excellence.2

Our achievement demonstrates Azion’s effort and dedication to providing exceptional service and delivering the best customer experience.

”Since the creation of Azion, our focus has been on developing a reliable platform, which adds up to less than one hour of unavailability in the last ten years. At the same time, we’ve always had an open, flexible, and partnering attitude with customers, either in building a joint architecture vision, exchanging knowledge and best practices, or negotiating commercial agreements. It’s gratifying to see that our work continues to excel daily.”

Rafael Umann, CEO da Azion

This rating reflects a solid customer-centric culture focused on user and developer experience and the quality of our products and solutions. The testimonials from customers speak for themselves:

“The partnership with Azion is great, and we always have specialists for any issue or problem. The Azion team gives their best to the partner company with enormous care. We feel secure and have high availability and excellent services.”

Rafael Souza, Site Reliability Engineering at Dafiti

”There’s a great sense of partnership, respect, and focus on the customer’s product. I’ve never experienced anything like that with other players.”

Fabio Barbosa, IT Infrastructure Analist at NZN

I’ve followed the evolution of Azion products since 2018. Their features and enhancements keep growing. My IT team’s feedback is highly positive after implementing Azion’s solutions. We managed to generate a reduction in infrastructure using Azion’s edge, which made our Management and Board of Directors see Azion differently. It’s not only a protection tool for exposed items, but also a business partner.

Diego Romano, Senior Cyber Security Consultant at Pernambucanas

It’s crucial to mention that this achievement is also the result of the efforts of highly qualified and experienced teams, especially Customer Success, Products, Sales, Solutions Lab, and Support, always ready to solve problems and provide the necessary support.

This result shows that we’re on the right track and motivates us to continue creating and innovating with our customers, who keep trusting us to build more modern applications and push technology to a whole new level with edge computing.

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