How to activate DDoS Protection Unmetered

Once you activate DDoS Protection Unmetered, you’ll be protected against DDoS attacks. The protection works with unmetered mitigation and it automatically mitigates attacks against your domains and applications.

You can activate this module at any point in your journey. It’ll be helpful to protect your applications against volumetric attacks as it has the always-on intelligence to mitigate complex attacks.

It doesn’t require any configurations, only that you activate it in your account and in a firewall:

  1. Access Azion Console > select the Account menu.
  2. Select Billing & Subscriptions > Subscriptions.
  3. In the Edge Firewall section, find DDoS Protection Unmetered and enable the switch.

Next, go to Edge Firewall and proceeds as follow:

  1. Select the edge firewall in which you want to activate DDoS Protection Unmetered.
  2. Enable the DDoS Protection Unmetered switch.

Now the domains associated with the specific edge firewall will be protected against DDoS attacks.

You can activate the DDoS module in any edge firewall, as well as use it along with other modules.