Build Data Insights to Keep you Secure and Compliant with Regulatory Laws

Azion Data Stream: Ensure Safety and Comply with Regulatory Laws.

Vivian Seixas - Technical Researcher
Build Data Insights to Keep you Secure and Compliant with Regulatory Laws

With security increasingly becoming more important, as well as regulatory requirements around privacy and data collection, it’s more important than ever to build insights around your data. From a security standpoint, tracking malicious actors is a necessity to avoid loss of business, intellectual property, and avoid bad press that has increasingly made it to headlines.

Similarly, many governments around the globe have passed laws around the ability to log online activity, which requires the use of the same technologies that keep you secure, and regularly compliant. This includes being able to backup, store, and audit.

The laws may vary according to the country where your company operates. In Brazil, keeping logs is the responsibility of the web entity (the client), and not the platform provider, which discharges and disallows the provider to forward the records of end users.

Ensure your logs with Azion Data Stream

Azion is committed to keeping its customers informed and is always ready to help. So, if you need to securely store access logs of your application, you can do that with our Data Stream, more specifically by activating Endpoints on Azion Data Stream, which enables you to configure automatic downloads of access and connection logs from your Azion server domains to your favorite cloud provider.

If you already do keep your logs in Azion Data Stream, do not forget to check if all your domains are covered and whether they are within the current legal deadlines.

Combining Data Stream with your favorite data analytics tool, you can unlock capabilities in the Azion Platform that also provides business insights, maximize user experience, and keep your platform running optimally. We even talked more in depth about these features and our solutions in this observability blog post.

Using and configuring Azion Data Stream is easy! Check out the steps in our documentation and see how simple and fast it is.

Don’t waste any more time! Ensure security and your logs now with our sales team.

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