Azion Listed in Forrester New Wave Report for Edge Development Platforms

Azion was named a “best fit for companies that require global edge performance...” in the Forrester New Wave(TM): Edge Development Platforms.

Frank Garland - Technical Researcher
Azion Listed in Forrester New Wave Report for Edge Development Platforms

Here at Azion, we’re very excited to announce that Azion Technologies has been named a “best fit for companies that need global edge performance…” in The Forrester New WaveTM: Edge Development Platforms, Q4 2021.

The report, written by vice president and principal analyst Jeffrey Hammond, recognizes, in our opinion, our continued growth and cites some key strengths we take pride in. According to the report, Azion “offers good capabilities for dynamic web and content workloads…A full suite of security services, monitoring, and real user management helps with “day-two-plus” operations.”

Forrester evaluated nine participating vendors based on criteria including platform execution model, security, and integrations. Azion’s platform services received an on par rating in the criteria of:

  • platform execution model
  • day-two plus experience
  • workload breadth
  • security
  • integrations
  • roadmap
  • vision

Azion is dedicated to honing and refining the services provided by our distributed edge platform. With over 100 edge locations positioned globally, the Azion Edge Platform enables developers to write and deploy serverless applications, create zero-trust security architectures, improve their content delivery experience and build innovative IoT use cases. In addition, Azion helps service providers virtualize their edge infrastructure. Azion’s Edge Platform allows both developers and service providers to improve performance and security while saving more than 70% of what they would spend on legacy solutions.

With the goal of providing customizable and remotely deployable applications for a wide variety of needs and use cases, Azion already offers edge solutions that simplify how customers build, secure, deliver and observe applications. All of our edge tools are built with a particular focus on flexibility, openness and service reliability, meaning it’s easy to get started, and far less easy for network anomalies or bad actors to stop them.

What’s Next For Azion

Edge computing enables companies to build better software, faster, and we seek to support developers on that journey by providing a flexible, open and powerful platform so they can easily build, innovate and scale. An important part of that work is to provide our customers with the developer experience they expect, and that includes GitHub integration, an intuitive Command Line Interface, and more and more documentation, while also improving our template-driven platform in order to simplify edge computing adoption across dozens of new use cases.

Recognizing the importance of edge computing to the digital future, and the major role that our company can play in supporting its adoption and growth, we are also delivering on our mission of powering the hyper-connected economy by adding over 100 new edge locations to our global network, effectively doubling our points of presence over the next year.

We will continue to sharpen our edge capabilities, so you can expect to hear more from us on both those fronts in the coming months, and we’ll continue to provide updates on how we’ve magnified the scope of our vision through our Azion Blog.

Lastly, a Thank You

We’re honored to have such supportive customers and proud to continue to offer innovative edge solutions globally. Edge Computing is a new technological frontier, and we’re proud to be one of the companies leading the power of the edge to break new ground in ultra-low-latency, high-performance solutions. We view this report both as encouragement for the years of work our teams have spent to get us this far, and also as yet another reminder to push further, innovate with confidence, and perfect our ability to support the every need of our customers. There remain more secrets to unlock at the network edge, and while we’ve come a long way, we’re only just getting started.

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