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success stories


Edge Traffic Routing: Extending SDN to the Public Internet

Edge Traffic Routing: Extending SDN to the Public Internet

February 17, 2022

The hyperconnected economy requires higher quality, faster and more consistent user experiences, and this poses increasing challenges for ISPs. With more and more devices connected to the Internet, demand continues to increase exponentially, and it’s necessary to ensure customers are kept happy. However, at the same time, companies must find smart ways to grow without losing control of costs. Building solutions that are focused on improving routing is one of the main challenges in today's reality. This blog post will provide a closer look at the Azion Edge Network and how Azion’s Edge Traffic Router uses SDN to deliver superior performance to our customers.

What Is HTTP Authentication?

What Is HTTP Authentication?

September 2, 2021

Authentication is a protocol used in HTTP communication to verify that a client is who they say they are before providing the client access to a certain resource on the web. This is another security procedure in the HTTP protocol to protect users and businesses in the online environment. When authentication is done at the edge, there is a significant increase in the speed and security of the process and, consequently, in the companies' credibility and revenue.